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Critical Thinking (CT) is people’s highest form of dealing with Information (of the Physical World) and Knowledge (of the Spiritual World) in orchestrating the broad categories of Self-Protection and Well-Being. Proper Self-Education about handling life’s serious business focuses mainly on how to do CT; how to be on constant alert for the harmonious and disharmonious; how to act deliberately as a Selfhood and Cosmos Enhancer; and how to have a good life. CT results depend upon two choices: first is to be on the Spiritual Elements path (Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural) or on the Brute anti-Spiritual Elements path; second is how much one exercises ones moral capabilities or exercises ones hateful thoughts and evil deeds. The degree to which CT becomes highly moral and skilled pertains to the extent one looks within to discover knowledge for “How Shall I Live” and answers for making that happen + how hard one works to overcome ones own ineptness (e.g. stumblings) and learn its lessons. One is born with a Mission in life which, if recognized and kept alive, ensures one stays on the Spiritual Element Path. Getting off that path leads one into desires of the Material World and self-absorption. In other words, used as a way of life CT starts out  as difficult and boring but gradually, from then being in charge and control of ones life, CT makes living infinitely easier, more profitable, and quite pleasant. Any other path starts out easily but a lack of self-reliance increasingly puts ones life out of control and one becomes a victim. Foolishly using the tool of emotions (e.g. “likes/dislikes”) to handle serious business generates uncertainty about everything in life. Uncertainty leads to overwhelming confusion and chronic Anxiety which leave one with no choice but to cling to straws for religious and mental support. Such “straws” include “Escapes” from ones mental turmoil (e.g. drugs, alcohol, electronic gadgets, excessive television watching, talking on cell phones); constantly needing “Soothing” by friends for ones ruffled emotions; procrastination; and relying on ones oppressors or the ignorant for life-shaping advice and guidance to solve problems.

          CT is a way of living life. Similar to how children create invisible constant companions, I do that with CT to help in exploring, manipulating, and maneuvering pieces of knowledge and informational Ideas. CT knows when to do some things a certain way all the time and when to never do the same thing the same way twice.  Sometimes my friend CT orchestrates survival, protection, and preservation under physical, emotional, thoughtful, social, financial, and relationship conditions. Sometimes CT spotlights and guides thriving ways for self-help and/or helping others. Sometimes CT provides fun as play, a sport, a dance. Whereas play–having nothing to do with improvement–is about momentary problem lessening or getting “free” (e.g. from being silly or witty), achievement enjoyment derives from victory over struggles.

          To be efficient (does quickly what needs to be done) and effectively (done right) CT’s three character essentials: a deep sense of Self-Greatness, Self-Love, and  Caring about everything under ones influence (including oneself)–each driven by Spiritual Elements to help make things better for all God’s creatures, including oneself. Each spurs a powerful curiosity and an excitement to learn about everything; make one eager to face problems immediately, even those seemingly “impossible” to handle; give one courage to be self-assertive and explore the unknown; expand ones confidence everytime one immediately faces, figures out, and “evaporates” a big problem; and stimulates pride from having done a perfect job. Self-Greatness is proven by  a track record of multiple small to big “Earned Successes”–successes critically self-evaluated as authentic from the work products having been tested by time and from having imparted profound contentment. Elaboration on this CT series is in Bailey, Leadership Critical Thinking In African Tradition; Bailey, Ancient African Bible Messages.

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