The death of my beloved dog, Titan, has stimulated my thoughts for the four Memory Phases of the core of the Grieving Process: Phase I consist of Titan being normal and healthy; Phase II concerns when he became disabled; Phase III is the last hour of his life; and Phase IV, the after death grief. The Immaterial core of the Grieving Process begins with Phase II and in the form of anxiety over realizing Titan is on an obvious countdown to death. As signs clearly make evident the nearing of his death there comes fretting over hoping he will die quietly in his sleep. Otherwise, what will cause me to make the decision to “put him down” and will I have the courage to do so? I must think of what is best for him and not what I want for me. Phase III is about switching from the present moment to imagining his dying and what life will be like after he is gone. After he dies I step inside Phase IV’s core of Grief. So what do I do now? When starting to grieve in full force I call into action my previously mentioned preparations + reserves + time limit rule + boundaries in order to assist keeping me somewhat inside the confines of the turmoil brought in with the Grieving Process. Meanwhile, I follow my previously prepared inner core stepping stone pattern for it serves as a tow-rope throughout the Grieving Process.