Ancient Africans said a human’s Unconscious origin (also called the Occulted, the Hidden, the Subconscious, the Spirit, the Psyche, the Soul) is from the Cosmic Unconscious’ origin in the Subjective Realm’s Ocean of Nun—the Cosmic Intelligence of Creation, called Tao by the Chinese. There is a Primordial Cosmic/Human interconnection between humans’ deepest Unconscious mental recesses and the Nun–meaning they interpenetrate, occupy the same “space,” and feature indistinctions and indistinguishableness but not disorganization. A Primordial Interconnection implies it occurred first in time so as to be in a human’s pre-birth Natural “Wild” Mindset. The human Unconscious is a Receptacle of Programs and the nature of its expressions depend upon whether ones Divine Spirit is or is not connected to ones Divine Consciousness. For that reason, there is as wide a range in its possible good to bad categories, as is in the Astral part of the Metaphysical—whether dealing with the real, distorted, or fantasy. One program generates ones thoughts, emotions, and sensations + is the functional agent behind ones physiological functions + it forms and fashions the forces through which ones living is conducted—as in orchestrating the constant Selfhood Health work of repair, replacement, change, digestion, elimination, assimilation, etc. Second, by being where God’s Spark dwells, the Unconscious conveys Instincts from the Mind of God while performing the dictated functions of unifying involuntary physiological aspects–the vital supports of ones life. Third, it is responsible for automated behaviors via subconscious mental processes acting as coordinators of ones thoughts. This fashions them into intelligible patterns enabling one to speak, think, walk, play an instrument, and all similar forms of performance. Fourth, it is the “star” of sleeping–Delta level is deep sleep, unconsciousness, or coma–Theta wave’s light sleep is either unconsciousness or semi-awareness (between sleeping and waking, as in dozing) wherein Athletes gain  access to stored images of peak performance—like dunking over a tall competitor.

Fifth, Right Brain discernments unconsciously reshuffle ones past experiences and pull out pertinent pieces of information, most hidden in ones memory (Hippocampus). Then the Right and Left Brains make new arrangements or new combinations into Forms out of the original extracted materials and the apperceptions from memory and/or engage in high level Synthesis of pertinent bits and pieces present on different planes of existence. These are fit together in various ways by manipulation and maneuvering to come up with various option Forms. This process suggests inspiration and/or creativity have their source in the Unconscious (“the deepest me which I do not know”)–the well-spring of repressed emotions craving expression. Certain fashioned Forms emerge out of the Unconscious as Endocepts or Form-Bodies. They, powered by ones vivid experiences, enter ones Secular Sensory Consciousness so its forces can continue with the Ordering pertaining to voluntary or willed behaviors. Sixth, assuming one has chosen to stay connected with ones Divine Consciousness, it extends past Instincts to coordinate the affairs of ones life. A human’s PHILOSOPHICAL WAREHOUSE stores ones Unconscious while it “does” ones Conscious. Together, their vitals serve as a source for emergency decisions—refine ones urgent decisions—serve as a ‘light’ to guide involuntary/automated behavior activities–and generally assist in coordinating ones Survival.

Ones Unconscious Primordial Image (Dominants, Imago’s, Mythological Images, Behavior Patterns) is rooted in Archetypical primal images. They pattern “Things” from which like-kind models are created or constructed–i.e. ‘reproducing itself to become the thing it makes.’ It is an Icon designed component of the Collective Unconscious—i.e. the depository of the Archetype (African word for Seed) Images formed by ones original Ancestors. The Collective Unconscious (also called Impersonal or Transpersonal Unconsciousness or ones Epic Memory) was described thousands of years ago by Ancient Africans as representing primordial experiences having repeatedly occurred in the course of generations–concepts recently plagiarized by the European Jung. They also considered them to be explanations for instances of the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics–a deep unconscious representation of experiences common to a human race for countless generations.

 “Background of their Unconscious. Times were so harsh in the beginning as to perhaps cause them to desperately cling onto anything that could help endure the Scarcity—like a drowning man grasps a ‘straw’ in hopes it will be a life-saver. Thus, the Foreground Awareness of their Unconscious was about survival, featuring Kill/Take/Destroy methods. In the Background of their Sensory Conscious was “What if” Fantasies concerning attackers as well as regarding their own human nature inadequacies related to survival. No doubt, in the Foreground of their Sensory Conscious were active imaginations about the contents of the Occult and out of this came imaginary Contingent Beings. Such a mindset is seen in “Killer” police.


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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