After having lived my boyhood in a warm and “Caring” all-Black neighborhood–and then, inside very “Hostile” European atmospheres, jumping hurdles through my education, medical training, and medical practice experiences–a retirement shock came with entering a “Don’t Care” World. And this Emotional “Dark World” seemed to be “everywhere”–with “Don’t Care” ramifications affecting every aspect of every ones life—lowering the quality–and leaving a bad ruffle in every ones “Heart.” “Don’t Care” wipes out the “Spiritual Caring Coin” ingredients of Forethought, Foresight, Courage, Competence (Spiritual and Secular) and Consistency. “Consistency” (con, together + to stand) is all involved parts standing firmly together–demonstrating the “unchanging sameness” material part of a human’s God Substance. “Don’t Care” features: (1) Incompetence in what they are paid well to do–in what they are supposed to know (knowing only a
small sample of what is available); (2) poor work products; (3) Dishonorableness; (4) Thoughtlessness of others; and (5) Inconsistency in what they  promised or in their duty–substituting excuses. Thus, customers never know what things they depend on will be done, if at all. Whereas to do something “consistently” is to do it repeatedly but always in the same manner, it is the combined effect of inconsistency, with incompetence, prevent one from ever being in possession of the ‘power-in-waiting.’ This implies–that for getting out of trouble when it suddenly and unexpectedly arises–there is no system or expertise in the practical application of theoretical knowledge gained from the acquiring of correct lessons from experiences.
Improper handling of such situations makes for vicious cycle failures—and that pattern, or the anticipation of failing, spurs one to consider doing dishonorable things. It also makes okay the taking of “short-cuts” to doing right, in hopes of grabbing undeserved money out of “good faith” involvements with people. Furthermore, such people tend to go out of their minds when faced with significant situations never seen nor heard of before. Simply because they “Don’t Care” seems to make it okay to not carry out their “Charge” (obligation, duty, and responsibility) and hope it disappears. And there is no effort to self-improve or get the answers. Their Character weakness shows when they talk themselves into believing that what they do does not matter and thus they can do their “Charge” when they “get around to it”—which is usually never. This Conflict is characterized by experiences of Clinging to Beliefs that SEEM right. One resists
discovering the Truth for fear one will no longer have anything to hold on to. Clinging is the root of all of ones background daily living problems. This ensures staying with chronic Anxiety (to choke), if not Anguish (distress, suffering), at least low grade. Both Anxiety and Anguish are words at the root of self-strangulation (Latin, tightness, narrow) and most commonly come because deep down the afflicted know life can be better for them if they simply had the courage to be their Real Self, and not be so weak. That Anxiety/Shame makes them envious of Real Self people to the point of doing what it takes to isolate them and throw stones at them–of various natures and with various impacts. Typical Emotional People (EPs) expect pity for their Excuses–and get mad when their flaws are pointed out–often, with bad or edgy attitudes retaliating in some overt, tempered, masked, or concealed manner.
The overwhelming majority of EPs caught up in the “Don’t Care” trend of society are addicted to External World things. Since their Lives are orchestrated by factors outside themselves, they live out of a False Self–always juggling to ‘make it’–and almost never pursuing their true life’s Mission. They feature a lack of direction, focus, ambition–have no idea what they want and yet are looking in all the wrong places for it–seem eager to be distracted by any attractive Trinket and Trivia distraction that pops up–are absolutely against doing any deep thinking out of shame from being unskilled–are all wrapped up in the superficial “here and now”–and have the attitude of handling problems (poorly) as they arise. That drives them to “Escapes”—Flashing Light gadgets, being “soothed” by friends, watching television, drugs–all losses of time that worsens problems. The objective is to go from one exciting thing to the next, feeling they are
“Too Busy” to do what is Necessary. The resultant vicious cycles are exciting as they are going over a cliff.