SPIRITUAL MISSIONS IN LIFE (2) A newborn is gifted with a Talent, Spiritual Emotions, and the Intellect to carry out its Mission. A toddler’s hint of her/his Mission is in the form of a Secret (Sacred) Dream. By having an awareness of ones Mission in life means one is in contact with ones Real Self and ones Divine Consciousness.  These fill one with Spiritual Energy and that automatically imparts a sense of personal Selfhood Greatness. The benefit of Spiritual (not Emotional) Energy means one gets any task done more Efficiently (done quickly without wasted time, energy, and effort) and Effectively (the desired effect is done right and best satisfies the solution)—a process that brings Efficacy (self-empowerment leading to an eagerness to take on bigger challenges). While staying within the flow of the River of ones Mission, its “borders” are adorned with guidelines for virtues, Standards, Guides, Filters, and Measures in keeping with the Spiritual Elements. Absorbing these as desired is done by one listening to Voice of the Silence Messages—a Voice which: (1) says everything by not saying anything at all; (2) retains everything by giving away everything; (3) speaks the impossible; (4) expresses the inexpressible; and (5) is expressed inexpressibility. By all of this meshing with the “radar” of ones Genius/Talent Trademark stamped into ones Soul means the Law of Attraction so fills ones Soul with what is like-kind as to spur ones mind to begin ones Cosmic Evolution—i.e. the re-ascension Involution part of a human’s Life Cycle back towards ones Divine Source. Ascending continues as one enhances ones Spiritual Emotions, Intellect powers, and virtues to fashion Wisdom, Beauty, and Unity within oneself and with all others with whom that can happen. This lifestyle maintains Cosmic Organism family Virtual bonds + with all modeled after it + all that are true copies from it. One then realizes that no one in the world is better qualified to handle the toughest of problems that ones Mission will present—and knowing one can do that is called Self-Efficacy. Such confidence in ones mental competence ensures one will learn the necessary skills to match any challenges, even those never seen nor heard of before. Thus, when tough problems unexpectedly pop-up and one is least prepared, one still knows one can handle immediately what one sees that needs to be done. A major reason is ones Mission has always urged one to work harder and longer than anyone, simply for the reason that this is the best way to prepare for increasingly tough problems. Mission followers understand the setting for progress only comes from the discipline which urges self-reliance in the striving for Perfection. What one does upon some great occasion depends upon who one already is which, in turn, results from previous years of self-discipline in building Talent props. That combination trumps another’s fulfillment, however brilliant, of a standardized task. In other words, the smartest people often do not succeed in their Mission whereas those who apply their Talent within the context of hard work will succeed. An extension of that is a highly intelligent person, with a “small character,” will remain small if standing on a mountain composed of hard working Talented people. One with average intelligence that works very hard is a “large character” person who stands tall, even if in a bottomless pit. Yet the determiner of the height to which one ascends depends upon what one can and cannot imagine one can do about a certain thing–or in a certain situation–or when faced with something never seen nor heard of before, despite all agreeing it to be “Impossible.” To begin ones Mission—usually requiring being almost alone—is to start making a lifestyle out of what demands noble impulses and deeds. To be on the Mission path imparts three enrichments: Contentment of the mind, the cherishing of good thoughts, and the exercising of Imagination and Memory. This causes one to not get involved in hating or seeking revenge because they are not helpful in reaching ones goals. That awareness leads one to see that by losing oneself in the Crowd leads to being weak and dependent as well as a life’s course that, as a result, gets harder and harder. In other words, those who follow the Crowd will usually get no further than the Crowd. By contrast, those who walk alone to follow their Mission are likely to find themselves in fascinating places no one has ever been. Nevertheless, there is a heavy price to pay for being ones Real Self. One price is being “abandoned” by False Self people, by being ridiculed by the Crowd and authorities; and by facing ongoing envious sneering. But, “It’s Worth It!!! jabaileymd.com