Secular Faith

          Spiritual Faith of African Tradition has as its foundation in the Coherence (its internal components are consistent with one another); Consistency (standing firmly together in a state of harmony with what makes sense); and Compatibility with Reality (practice) interlinking them with the manifestations of God. Those features are because of God’s infinite Substance being in all real creatures and creations. Since human beings are made in the image of God, Spiritual Faith is a birth gift to ones Selfhood and powered by Spiritual Energy coming from ones Divine Consciousness. Spiritual Energy utilizes, produces, and directs Divine Faith with respect to God and Oneself. Secular Faith, when at its best, encompasses Material World counterparts. As with the Spiritual, Secular Substance is what stands underneath or as background to a “Thing” and is foundational to making other things possible and function. But in contrast, man-made substance is finite, as represented by the white book page containing black print. Secular Faith is acquired and powered by Emotional Energy. When operating out of Emotional Energy ones Sensory Conscious is the background for all the information one knows that relates to Secular Faith. Hence, that information is flawed or unreal because it has not been filtered through the Spiritual Elements for soundness. Also, one only pays attention to what is in or on the background–not to the background itself. To ignore the background or Substance–whether it be Material or Spiritual–prevents one from knowing the complete nature of a “Thing.” This is vitality important to Information and Knowledge, for to not know what that “Thing” is means only having a idea of “what it does” or “how it appears.”
          During Bibical Times, (Secular) Faith–defined as a Belief of “The Heart” in what one could not see–featured Honesty as an essential among honorable people, and particularly in religions, laws, and business. Such resulted from “Beliefs” in a superior power and having the “Faith” + the loyalty, trust, and confidence parts of that Faith in that superior power to do what is best. Their “Flexible” religious morals were derived either out of fear of God and/or the desire to emulate their concept of the Divine. In keeping with the meaning of Religion–“to bind tightly”–they were bound to combine their religious Beliefs with Trust as consequences of their (Secular) Faith. Hence, the Honest acted with careful regard for the rights of others. In fact, honorable people scrupulously observed the dictates of a personal honor at a level higher than any demands of mercantile law or public opinion. Specifically, they did not steal, cheat, defraud, or take an unfair advantage that would be allowed them. However, the levels below Honorable Secular Faith created by dishonorable people ranged all the way down to the worse of which humans are capable. Yet, most maintained a religious approach for fashioning methods to present their dishonorableness. For example, they might pick out any religious image; separate it from its Substance; and present it to Believers to have Secular Faith/Belief/Trust in + the “agenda” rules for doing so.   “Agendas” are designed unfair advantages for oneself in a manner that generates unfair disadvantages for ones victims. Typically how this works is to focus on the rites, rituals, and creeds of different religions; compare them with other religions and ones own religion; and conclude ones own religion is the “Only” right one. Of course, this disregards the point that the best of all major Religions is about God’s Substance. Instead, the dishonorable and the ignorant spotlight their images (which are idols) of God and divert attention from having total Faith/Trust in the Substance of Religion (God’s Love). Such idolatry is an age-old way to control people’s minds. Faith possessing doubt produces anxiety and clinging. Resultant desperation to “Believe with Certainty” never happens. That demands defending what one clings to, hopefully (in vain) to gain the “5Ss” (safe, secure, sure, strong, stable). By JABailey II MD
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