In the 1960s, after coming out of Harlem, New York’s Rosco’s “Chicken and Waffles” restaurant around 2:00 am, a tall lanky Black man, “high” on life, walked up and said: “hey man, what it is, is what it is!” and “every thing is every thing!” Though immediately realizing both to be profound, it took me years to realize their deeper meanings. In African Tradition, what any Cosmic thing is when coming into existence consists of the Spiritual Elements. There are countless numbers of factors going on simultaneously to make any one Cosmic thing appear and none of those factors follow any rules of which the human mind can grasp. So any one who says: “this is the rule for how that Cosmic thing came into being” is foolishly stupid and those who use it to control people’s minds are dangerous and evil. It SEEMS right to say how a woman got pregnant–which is a Spiritual event–but it is ridiculous ignorance when made into “do’s” and don’t’s” Rules. Those ignorant ones have no idea about all of the Cosmic variables involved in getting pregnant. All humans can know of the Spiritual is: “what it is, is what it is!” Any other “authority” opinion or just because “everybody” agrees does not make it right. Ask: “How do you know that!”–and Listen.
            Those who disbelieve in the Spiritual Realm (beyond paying “lip service”) and instead believe all they see is physically and “mechanically” explanable, simply have information (not real) that crams the Immaterial (Spiritual) into the Tangible (Material). Since this does not “ring true” in wise people’s Soul’s–is not Natural, is not Truth, is not Real, and is not Unconditional Love based–Rules are essential in order to control the people’s positions. They get people to believe in their SEEMS right information by demonstrating how a ruler can measure things with special accuracy and therefore with ‘Certainty.’ But let us critically look at the meanings of these words. The C13 English word “Rule” (straight stick, graduated strip for measuring, called a “Ruler”) originally meant a standard believed to have special accuracy or certainty for judging other things by it. The way Europeans define Accurate (a caring and conforming to representation of a standard) is within the family of words containing Correct, Definite, Exact, Precise, and Certain–all denoting ‘absolute’ conformity to some external standard–contradictions! Note: African Tradition only uses “Absolute” and “Certain” for the Spiritual and to use them in a Material World sense is to put boundaries on them. To accept boundaries on the Spiritual concepts’ unchanging nature as SEEMing okay to be placed into the realm of the Material realm (and its ever changing nature) takes one off the Spiritual Elements track. For Afrocentric people this means they first must accept the Spiritual’s unchanging principles as being equal to the constantly changing/unstable nature of the Material. Second, its flawed reverse applies–i.e. equating the ever changing Material aspects into the Spiritual’s unchanging realm. Each generates Thoughtful confusion and both so compound the confusion that the confused look to the people causing the confusion for the deceptive solutions out of it.
            The solutions given take the gullible further away from reality, making it easier to accept more “far out” SEEMS right concepts. That is what enabled the definition of “Rule” to be seen in the context of a Standard. As a result, “Rule” expanded into the sense of “an autocratically determined pattern for governing procedures or conduct by laying down laws to which others are bound”–i.e. prescribed to govern human behavior. Note that the “Standard” to which “Rule” applies is man-made–and thus subject to all the frailties of the human mind–and particularly evil ones. By Europeans ignoring the Metaphysical–apart from ignoring the Spiritual–means they cannot understand that different Intangible and Tangible planes of existence have different Rules on the same subject. Thus, the “Accurate” conforming to “one size fits all” Rules is advocated and driven by an intense desire for the power that comes from controlling people’s minds–not what is right. Evil authorities purposely make those Rules confusing so as to give them more power to use those Rules to their own unfair advantage and apply special ones to dominate by unfair disadvantages–all under the pretext of “Justice”–but actually a biased man-made justice designed to bound personal freedom for purposes of arrogant pride. [Series Ref: Bailey, Teaching Black Youth] jabaileymd.com
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