Rather than being about a competition (e.g. my opinion vs. yours), learning is an openness for understanding before concluding or judging. Regularly, I mentally wrestle with a messy complex problem and upon understanding its truths the whole solution is simple. Confusion happens in the world because of faulty inside-the-box information. By stepping “outside-the-box” the “big picture” perspective allows me to separate the false/true, the non-pertinent/pertinent, and the important/necessary. Though this includes “in-the-box” (ordinary) thinking, Critical Thinking emphasizes “out-of-the-box” thinking about what cannot be “normally” defined because of a lack of boundaries and about realms beyond ones imagination. Yet, perhaps like me, most people have never been presented with ways of how such Awareness can be put in order. The most common method is by means of the tool of Language. The fact that a single thought can often be expressed in more than one way has led to many categories. To illustrate, the broad category of Literal language is simple, normal words and short sentences applying the usual meanings of words by adhering to fact: “He ran very quickly down the street.” But expressing it or ones personal reactions in other ways one goes beyond the Literal by using Figurative Language. This concerns imaginative comparisons, called Figures of Speech, so as to create vividness to which most people can relate. They are richer and more colorful statements in order to express ideas with greater force: “He ran like a rabbit down the street” (a Simile). Literal and Figurative Language involves communication with the outside world as well as with Self-Talk. People are aware because of their inner world of Emotions. Those able to put Emotional Awareness on hold have the experience of Knowing by Feelings.
            How ones “outside-the-box” Awarenesses (to be conscious and watchful) can be ordered is to use the “Star” Concept for categorizing them. To look at a star through a telescope is to see it as a point of light. Yet, people picture it as a symbol with 5, 7, or even 9 points. Outer Awareness comes from ones physical sense perceptions which lead to Sensory Consciousness. Imagination has only these “raw materials” of perceptions and reflections to work with and to fashion into new arrangements, forms, shapes, and combinations of Images. This means it is a galvanizing faculty and not a creative one (it never creates new “raw materials”). Like Imagination, the position of people can be on any rung of the ladder between the Earth and the Heavens. In keeping with the “A-Frame Ladder” concept, the better ones Selfhood evolution and developed skills of Imagination, the closer one gets to stimulating the “Feeling System” and inner mind recesses where Instincts reside; or at least enhancing their stimulation. Such occurs when Good Emotions run “wild.”
            Inner Awareness is ones inner intuition from ones Divine Consciousness and is known by being “Felt” with ones Instincts. For example, to have a “knowing” from Cosmic or Sublime realms is to have the experience of Wholism and therefore a universal understanding of human needs about the matter at hand. The expression may require an image or, if not, it is an abstract brought to the forefront by a Symbol serving as a translator vehicle for transferring the inexpressible into a finite language.  Such occurs by Reflection carrying pertinent “Knowings” into a state of trance where an appropriate Symbol or Image appears. The thing the Symbol or Image represents derives from ones inner world (e.g. inner mind recessess, dreams, thoughts, feelings) or from ones outer world (e.g. patterns of Nature). Both stimulate insights which condition ones spirit to conform to Truth and Reality as they funnel the direct flow of the forces of human nature (e.g. ones emotions and passions) to accomplish events. In other words, evolution towards the Spiritual and shedding “junk” gets one closer and closer to the Truth and Reality even though the Symbols or Images comprising ones Imagination about them are not absolute Truth and Reality. This is because the brain fills in gaps with information that is not part of the pre-existing perceptions and reflections of the Spiritual. Though even the best Imagination is a reconstruction, the higher it is Spiritually evolved, the more Images and Symbols are capable of coordinating subtle physical forces affecting ones physiology, thoughts, feelings, emotions, expressions, behaviors, and perhaps the environment. jabaileymd.com
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