ON RESEARCHING BLACK HISTORY  (1/6)
            As part of my Mission in life, I have been researching Black History for 45 years. This Mission, coming at age 5 while on my Minnesota back-porch counting my marbles, presented to my mind like a movie marquee: “Help Bright Black Boys.” Amazingly, though being the leader of two gangs at the same time–one Norwegians and the other, Swedes–I saw no Black youth. Still, this Mission was essential because unknowingly it oriented me to the existence of a Cosmic Organism–that my job was to help improve a tiny  piece of it–and both automatically put my life in order. Thereafter, all that I did was geared to the Mission. Besides being key to maintaining a sense of Selfhood Greatness, it meant learning how to make fun out of hard work and fashion small successes. My Mission crystallized after moving to an all-Black community in Wilson, North Carolina and becoming immediately aware of how my peers had been beaten down by racism–i.e. losing their inborn sense of Selfhood Greatness. Thus, they believed all the evilness they heard from White society while I believed none of it. I saw nothing White people had that was of benefit to me–except their priviledges–no standards to which I should aspire–and no “just because” compassion displays. Actually, they seemed like a mean, angry bunch. By contrast, Black People were simply wonderful–full of community Spiritual Elements manifestations of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Further crystallization of my Mission occurred from seeing huge numbers of my high school classmates–some simply brilliant; some with world class talent–drop out of school and head directly into “dead ends.” I vowed then to make myself a success and return to do all I could to help Black youth free their Enslaved Minds. But this required carving out my own path alone.
            The point is that a Mission purposed mindset is powered by ones Spiritual Energy Package of Dedication, Commitment, Determination, Persistence, and Perseverance to achieve goals. It provides Curiosity to explore the Unknown and the Courage to be able to leave ones ‘comfort zone’ in taking calculated risks to “Do the difficult Now!” To be able to take advantage of what is in the present demands a life ordered to doing Necessities before the Important and the Important before ones Desires. The idea is to acquire Certainty Knowledge that carries the greatest ‘payload.’ What these practices taught me was that popular information was not the truth and I needed every moment to find ways of learning the Truth from an Ancient African perspective. In fact it was a real struggle to discover how to go about finding where the Truth was–for it certainly was not in any of my school books and nowhere in the media. There was no internet available to me back then but after it came into my world I still find no evidence of the Truth. Despite having 13 years of education and training after college, nothing taught to me in the USA system was the Truth. Fortunately, I did hear bits and pieces of Truth from my boyhood Black community. So my pursuits called for marathon efforts to learn about Black History. The single most important preparation for this was having learned, as a boy, how to work at multiple jobs in the same day, every day, and that every job has its dull, dirty, boring, and tedious aspects which have to be done, no matter how tired or discouraged. The success idea carry-over from my Black community was: “Do it for your people”–for this is about something bigger than me!
            In looking back, my process can best be explained by an analogy. If the state of Arkansas represented the Truth I was seeking, it was necessary to start getting states that bordered the USA and gradually work in from all directions toward Arkansas so as to gain a rough idea of what it looked like. One realization that helped is that the Truth is the opposite from what Brutes say it is–a realization that helped me know what directions to take. My Mother was always interested in words and in young adulthood I learned ‘why’–that studying the etymological root and the story of a word to obtain its original ancient meaning, its today’s meaning, and its various in-between meanings are the best ways to acquire the essential discipline in the accurate and precise use of words. Realizing Europeans shun the Spiritual and its aspects, one deception is from squeezing those life-shaping concepts into Objective and Supernatural realm words. By studying those same words from a Spiritual perspective led me back into the super-brilliance of Ancient Africans. jabaileymd.com