METAPHYSICAL PASSION vs. ACQUIRED EMOTIONS When my dog, Titan, died after 17 years of going through all types of things together, I went through the Grieving process of Mourning, Sorrow, Sadness, and Melancholy. The purity aspects of these Instinct Brain features were all about my Spiritual Selfishness. A most helpful experience in my prolonged recovery process was writing a small book to let out all of my painful Passions. Thereafter, I could focus on the good times with my buddy. But these Passions differ subtly from Acquired Emotions by their Spiritual Feeling part (via the Instinct Brain) being interwoven with the Metaphysical Psychic and Physical (via the Omnibus Brain) portions of my Feeling System. The complementary opposite of Grieving, and yet part of the same system, occurs when certain Music and Art similarly affect ones entire Selfhood. Yet whereas the Instinct part of this Feeling System is present at birth, the Metaphysical part does not appear until some time after birth (called “tarda” Genetic manifestations) and thus can be influenced to varying degrees by acquired likes/dislikes. Still, at their essence, the Metaphysical “Genetics” parts are also about ones Physical Human Nature Needs (PHNN) directing survival, self-preservation, self-protection, and self-exposure mechanisms. In short, Passion—the“is it for me or against me?” aspect of the Instinct and the Metaphysical parts of ones Feeling System–concerns creating, enhancing, and maintaining harmony on ones own as well as protecting and defending the “ME/WE” inclusive harmony of the Cosmic Organism. Ancient Africans considered Passion to be a sign of life–having indivisible duality (like two sides of a coin). On one side of the coin it promotes Good, reduces the bad–and motivates one towards these ends. On the other side, Passion serves as an alarm to threats, disturbances, and dangers to ones Spiritual Human Nature Needs (SHNN) as well as ones PHNN. Both sides join foresight and forethought to first prevent the bad from happening or to minimize the bad while it is occurring; second, to restore or pave a path to the Good. These actions demand a ME/WE “Purity of Heart”—i.e. no Secular Selfishness secret ulterior motives or deceptive hidden agendas. Such is based upon the Ancient African Bible law that the “good one does to another is done to ones Self, because “All is One and One is in All.” When called to act against anti-Spiritual Elements’ threats, disturbances, or destruction, Passion is distinguished from Acquired Emotions by “Aliveness” + ones thinking becoming sharper + one rising to the occasion of what is bigger than oneself (i.e. the need to protect the ME/WE Humanity of the Cosmic Organism). Good parents show Passion in ensuring their children are safe, self-reliant, and on the path to get what each really, really wants in life and not get what each really, really does not want. This is what Ocean of Nun (OON) Cosmic Organism helpers (i.e. ME/WE) do. Any time an OON person encounters significant anti-Spiritual Elements that cause needless harm, Metaphysical Passions are generated—hence the source of the word “Compassion.” Emotional People (EPs) who imitate what is of an anti-Spiritual Elements nature do so out of a False Self. That self-defeating mindset: (1) generates “Excitement” (not “Aliveness”) which hampers their thinking abilities; (2) makes them so mentally weak (which has nothing to do with intelligence per se) as to cause them to be dependent upon and follow “the crowd” since they feel inadequate to be self-reliant; (3) indicates one is not governed by CARING about the Cosmic Organism (and maybe also oneself); (4) does not realize the meanings and impact of words used by outside destructive forces since it seems ‘normal’; (5) does not recognize the words they use to attack others reflects the turmoil going on inside them; and (6) is a sign of each having retracted into a “Me, Me, Me” self-absorption Selfhood. Their lack of Courage and lost “5Ss” (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability) lead them to resist self-improvement. Thus they “Make Do” with what is available. Since Satanists, Brutes, and ignorant people are cultivators of anti-Spiritual Elements, Passion drives Critical Thinking to fashion well-thought-out and clever Protection, Defenses, and workable Offenses. Apart from the measures used, Ancient Africans avoided anything excessive so as to conform to the Ancient African Bible ME/WE law that the “wrong one does to another is done to ones Self and one will reap the results of ones ill actions.”