The Mental Emulsions present in the minds of many Black and White Americans is a reflection of the interactions of the nature of their respective philosophies–philosophies acting like oil and water in that they do not mix. Of significance here is that the philosophy of African Tradition is centered on God, the Metaphysical Realms (including the Spiritual), the Spiritual-Supernatural, and the Spiritual Elements (Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural). What does not mix with this is the Brute (“Aryan”) European philosophy that is “Inside-Out” with respect to African Tradition–i.e. in opposite worlds. By being anti-Spiritual Elements oriented means what they think, feel, say, and do makes no sense to the remainder of the world. However, because of the GUN, with an ongoing reality of using it to Kill/Take/Destroy, their Satanists ways dominate and lead astray (e.g. by delusions) peoples of the world by means of “sameness” patterns–a ‘big picture’ Kill/Take/Destroy model dating to their European beginnings. Although they are not likely to be beatened in physical confrontations, there are ways to become untangled from their influence. But that requires understanding in detail how they evolved, what they think, and why they think like they do. By contrast, there are Black and White Americans whose philosophies are mutually beneficial, despite underlying delusions based upon ongoing world-wide mis-education–philosophies capable of acting like water and alcohol blending into a Solution. A major difference is White people benefit from racism while Black People are devastated by it, and to such a degree as to take life paths out of their Mental Emulsions in different directions. Some join the flow of White people’s ways; some stay on a treadmill; some react badly; some progress far ahead.
            The ‘big picture’ for how struggling Black People can untangle from their Mental Emulsions is by the Sankofa approach: (1) return to African Tradition to learn Principles of how to; (2) Prepare in the present; (3) in order to go forward into a Thriving future. But there are many problems involved in carrying this out. First, time must be made in ones life to do the hard and tedious work with total dedication in order to find truthful African philosophy. Such will not be found in anything written by Europeans, no matter how close it gets to SEEMING right. Second, is knowing where to look. There are a small handful of Black scholars who write the best available Black History. Also, since migrating Africans went into all regions of the Earth and carried their philosophies with them, certain cultures modified them but less so than others. Thus, many useful African Tradition concepts can be found in certain Chinese and Indian (both Amerindians and India) sources. However, any thing lacking Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability inside the Spiritual Elements is not part of African Tradition. Third, it is absolutely essential to clear ones mind of all Emotional Junk (e.g. hate, revenge, envy, blame, con-artistry). For me this is best done by writing it out until there is nothing else to say. The objective is to get to a state of profound peace, even though things may be chaotic and require chronic juggling. Remaining calm helps clear the way for figuring out workable solutions while avoiding more trouble.
            In the pursuit of life-changing and life-shaping knowledge, what has never worked for me is to “pick and choose” what I like. Typically, the most ‘pearls’ have come from the boring, the difficult, and the so hard to understand that I have to wrestle with it and look up words in hopes of getting a different slant on what is trying to be conveyed. For one to say: “I’m too busy” is simply an excuse to hide that one is either too lazy or too fearful (e.g. of what will be discovered; of leaving the familiar; of getting lost along the way). If that works, then stay in the status quo–which is actually likely to get worse as one ages. If one truly loves oneself, then one will want the very best for oneself in this lifetime and thereby do what it takes to get on the path to being happy. For those willing to work, there will be the amazing discovery of realizing how Ancient African Ancestors laid the foundation for all that is great today. At that point one will ask: “Why do I allow others to guide me in wrong directions?” and “Why do I accept information (all flawed) from stupid or evil people and disregard the true Knowledge (Certainty) of my own Ancient African Ancestors?”
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