Ancient Egypt’s Denderah’s temple of Isis-Hathor had an aisle lined by tall columns. At its end was an Isis (Auset) statue, with a jewel placed in her forehead. The statue was oriented to the rising of Sirius, the bright star in the sky, so that the light from the returning Dog Star would fall upon the gem. When temple Priests, keepers of the calendar, sighted the first rising of the Dog Star and its light shining upon the “Star of Isis” gem for the first time, they would march from the temple and announce the New Year had begun. This meant, according to the temple inscription: “Her majesty Isis shines into the temple on New Year’s Day, and she mingles her light with that of her father Ra on the horizon” (whose Light is depicted as a circle). In short, Isis’ gem represented a human-made Spiritual Icon used for Spiritual and Secular purposes. Its components include: Sirius Star (heralding the arrival of something significant) + the statue of Isis (a Metaphysical Bridge) + the temple inscription (conveying the Icon message) + the “light” of Ra (the Star) + the light’s “shining into the temple” (the Halo) + the effect on the Priests, then the people + the consequences of setting in motion a variety of people’s activities and events. This illustrates the African Supernatural inside the Metaphysical as “Larger than Life”—a concept not to be confused with look-alike Secular forms such as the  European Supernatural, Icons, Legends, Movie Stars, and Celebrity “Icons.”

In the Metaphysical (the Spiritual wrapped in the Ether) form, the “Star” refers to some Abstract Contingent–a “Virtual” boundary-less “Thing” ones mind fashions out of a presumed Attribute residing in the Spiritual and/or in the Metaphysical. That “Thing” is a Contingent Primary Quality (i.e. does not exist independently) of its presumed entity. Both the entity and its assigned Quality can be isolated only conceptually for the purpose of identification. The magnetic attraction of its Spiritual-Metaphysical-aesthetic forces allow its depth-significance to carry an impactful “Halo” payload. The implication is that  despite its subjectification, the combination inside the “Halo” delivers a ‘payload’ with sufficient force to activate something good or bad in the “Heart”– and perhaps the flesh–of one(s) touched by it. The “Halo” Effect is intended to draw attention to the moment whereby its featured attribute representation generates a spontaneous natural Emotion—reproducible in certain “human nature” activities and experiences of humankind.  Such an Emotion is the Supernatural bud–not the flower–whose value arrives when it flowers to produce a corresponding elevation of ME/WE life. This Supernatural “bud” or “flower” or “Halo” or Icon Image or Icon Symbol conveys “larger than life” concepts–meaning the straddling of two or more planes of existences so as to be larger than the sum scope of what they represent—meaning it leaps barriers—meaning it is extra-mundane (out of this reality world) and extra-territorial (above land and waters)–meaning it serves to unite the invisible and the visible–meaning it defies laws of social nature applying to others’ lives to also embrace ones daily life—meaning it is no longer long ago but it is in the ‘here and now,’ while still remaining far away. An example is being “Awed.”

By contrast, to intellectually “play” with Secular “Larger than Life” realms, I draw on the African Star/Halo Concept with: (1) a person, place, or thing substitute for the Substance of God (the Star); (2) Africans’ Supernatural aspects (the Halo); (3) any rule changes which occur on different planes of Cosmic Existence (the Metaphysical Bridge); (4) African Metaphorical language; (5) the payload Message and its purpose; (6) an Icon Image or Icon Symbol; and (7) the Effects and their Consequences. Since their “Virtual” (boundary-less) Contingents and Contingent Beings derive out of something residing in Supernatural realms, their keystone category feature recognized as “Larger than Life” is designed to attract attention because of appearances, thoughts, behaviors, and/or deeds of “Excitement”—not Spiritual Energy “Aliveness”–beyond those of ordinary people or the ordinary behaviors of ordinary people. The designated purpose is to stir people by a call to action. By “Excitement” standing out and being spotlighted, if not floodlighted, the Effect thereby makes them disproportionately important–the equivalent to “Flamboyant.” The presentation of some person, place, or thing in this style makes it “Larger than Life.” jabaileymd.com