“KILLER” WHITE POLICE vs BLACK POLICE (38)

Since the beginning of American history of Black and White police “working together,” there has been no day devoid of White police treating Black police as “Faceless Monsters”—similar to any other Black person. White police’s Indifference, overflowing Hated, Evil deeds, and Sadism have ranged on a scale from casual disrespect to lethal violence. In the 1960s, compared with White drivers, for example, Chicago Black policemen were five times more likely to be pulled over and searched—the same as for any Black driver. The Afro-American Patrolmen’s League (AAPL) repeatedly called for an overhaul of the Chicago Police Department ways of racially operating, starting with the process of recruiting and hiring officers. One reason then and now is that the recruitment process acts as a sieve to keep the Black communities from participating equally and fairly in the process of sitting for the examination. One Black officer said: “You can complain about not having representation and you can complain about not having Black officers, but the fact of the matter is that if you’re not going to take the police test and get involved, we’re always going to be in that situation. We have to start taking ownership, but at the same time the city has a responsibility to provide the necessary tools needed to get people engaged.” Ongoing “doctored” changes in applicant requirements and the usages of polygraph tests have always been effective in keeping low the number of Black Americans from being qualified to move forward in the hiring process. The early 1980s is when Black Northern neighborhoods started being simultaneously over-policed and under-policed in a manner allowing the criminal justice system to punish Black criminal suspects more harshly when their victims were or are White, as opposed to when victims are Black. Black police and their families have always stood in the middle–often either branded Uncle Toms by their families, friends and neighbors or traitors to their profession if approaching any discord between police and Black Americans with objectivity.

On the mild end of the Inhumanity Scale fashioned by White Killer police can be found such racists acts of Black policemen finding graffiti painted on their lockers. Or, there are alienating comments among White coworkers via conversations and by emails about the Black officers’ skin color, hair, or taste in food or music. At the mid-range of the scale, it is routine for a barrage of verbal attacks by several White police to be showered on fellow Black officers as well as Black people, particularly Black males for the purpose of lowering or destroying their sense of Worth—a form of projection to hide their own envy and self-hatred. Unfortunately, because of the Selfhood dismantling or weakening effects of slavery continuing to be part of “Slave Survivals” in many Black People, these attacks do cause some Black People’s Integrity–held together by the “glue” of doubt–to unravel. On the other end of the scale, Black officers’ lives were/are automatically at high risk if they were/are spotlighted as being “whistle-blowers”. A typical practice was/is for them to never get “back-up” support when in troubled situations. Whether wearing a uniform or being off-duty, Black officers have always faced extra challenges of racial inequity—not credited for heroism or, routinely since slavery, White policemen assigning Black policemen handle suspicious looking packages, possibly containing dangerous germs or whatever else was particularly dangerous.

Typically, whether speaking against what spans the more indirect technique of victimization of Black police, all the way over to blatant acts of cruelty, the voices of Black officers have been blunted. Some reasons come from countless intimidation factors, including threats of being killed outright by White policemen for not doing what they are told. Otherwise, to not “go along to get along” with those threats might mean the Black policeman would likely be shot by a White policemen when an excuse arises during community shoot-outs with gangs. A tiny few Black policemen chose to do illegal things against fellow Black policemen so as to be accepted by White policemen.  Because of their Code of Silence and cover-ups, White “Killer” policemen are almost assured of not being charged or even reported for their rampant abuses and most heinous of criminal acts. In fact, for such Abuse and cover-ups, “Killer” policeman gain benefits, including being honored by fellow White policemen. Often, any incriminating court records against Killer police are destroyed. jabaileymd.com



Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS