“Killer” police treat Black People as if they are “Faceless monsters.” Perhaps this dates to early Europeans’ “far out” Consciousness Occult Background—filled with “Phantasmagoria” (phantasm/ ghostly figures) fantasies. Pertinent here is Europeans’ mythological “Faceless Ones”—i.e. mysterious and powerful monsters closely connected to the Old Gods and directly opposed to the Angels. A distinction of the Faceless is that they always attack in large numbers and attempt to swarm. Persisting from primitive European times to the present has been Delusional Fear mindset patterns associated with (among others) their “Paracosms” (amazing illusionary details in ones self-created Imaginary World). Delusional Fears, spurred by “Phantasmagoria” Contingent Beings, are the imagining of false, dangerous problems. They believe those to ever-threaten something significant to oneself. Out of these fears, their reactions to such Chimera patterns has been to fashion the villain into Icon Image-like Predators—forms that are something absurdly fantastic, wildly imaginary, vague–and what normal people would call foolish and grotesque. Then they would select scapegoats and make them into feigned enemies for purposes of fighting and destroying. A connecting link with modern Black People particularly occurred in Persia in the 200s AD with Manicheanism–a complex religious movement composed of Christian, Buddhistic, Zorastrian, and other beliefs–having its roots in Jewish and pagan thought. It then developed into a Christian heresy in C2 AD, flourishing in the early centuries, supposedly following Christ’s death, as a religious philosophy taught from C3-C7 by the Persian Manicheus. The essence is that Goodness is light and bad is dark or black.

The Persian prophet Mani stupidly divided the world into neat “Either/Or” or “All-or-None” categories of pure/impure, innocent/guilty, good/evil, and said the “Light” (white) had as its duty to destroy the “Darkness” (the Black). European males eagerly adopted this so as to justify Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate People of ‘black” skin since they were considered as a sign of Satanic evil—each feature being a Supernatural fantasy. This expanded to include women. To gain even more excitement, they spruced up their “little god” mask which they had donned ever since the Greek Pythagoras (582-500 BC). He taught European males that they were “the measure of all things”–not the Spiritual God as learned while studying in Africa. As a result of this combination, each chose to believe that being a Supernatural “little god” was who he is—or even greater. In the process, these delusions joined others, like those which followed misinterpretations in the European Bible when they borrowed concepts like the mythological Egyptian creation legend related to Khnum (Egyptian, molder; Divine Potter). Khnum, a ram-headed deity working at his potter’s wheel, fashioned humans and all living creatures out of clay. This misinterpretation created the idea that the Cosmos and humans were mechanically made. To all this, Brute predators’ most exciting mental life aspects highlighted their sensations, emotions, desires, and aspirations. This mainly took place in a universal arena of Illusions in which, on Earth, they would star in slaying the Chimera ‘monster’ (i.e. scapegoats). Such Non-Rational thinking, dictated by a Supernatural Contingent Being, instantly served as a justification for African American slavery—a major one being that Enslaved Africans were mentally weak (by allowing themselves to be captured), sub-human, and like mechanical beings.

All of this made it easy to consider the Enslaved as “Faceless Chattel.” The process includes European males: (1) being socialized that each human is an accident formed in a Mechanically oriented Cosmos and that makes them disconnected from everyone; (2) living by Individualism makes it “no sweat” to (3) strip Blacks of all human rights or prerogatives of status or rank; (4) deem Blacks to be mechanical, devoid of feelings, and dispensable; (5) Blacks are viewed as “Negatives” and since one cannot prove or disprove a negative, then “Negatives” are “Faceless” and, in effect, do not exist; (6) Blacks seem to be mysterious and powerful Faceless monsters who lack identity, distinction, character, individuality; and any unusual and interesting qualities; and (7) since “The Faceless” are believed to attack and swarm, they need to be killed, and the police have authority to do so. Hence, Whites justify having no human connections with “Faceless Blacks.” jabaileymd.com