Three initial causes of primitive Europeans not knowing who they were and the resultant detachment from their Real Self were: (1) the Free Will choice to adopt a False Self (Ego); (2) to power their “Life-Living” using their Brute Brains; and (3) not knowing and not caring about who were their ultimate ancestors or their origin—i.e. the ‘that they ever existed’ or from where they came or when. Suppose a today’s European is asked: “Where did your original ancestors come from?” The answer will probably be: “From Europe.” Q: “But since European Geneticists say all humans originated out of Africa, where did those European ancestors come from”? A: agree with the Geneticists, research the subject (and likely find conflicting information), or to deny it. If there is the deliberately denying of the reality of their ultimate ancestral origins being Africans, then there is no origin they can pin down that will truthfully answer the question. Thus, they immediately enter the realm of the Self-Unknown without keys to open any of its doors and no tools to cut out windows in order to see. Not struggling in order to find a way out means one is like an entangled Slave to the Mysteriousness of ones Ignorance. There is nothing in the Self-Unknown or in any aspect of its mysteries to rationalize. Instead, to be awed by the “Nothing” of what ones mind Imagines things to be, is all there is. The “Awe” is because of what is upside down and “inside out.”

For example, in the Natural Cosmos the way to have happiness is to look within for ways to use ones Talents in a “ME/WE” manner and doing that to perfection, regardless of the outcome. This is associated with simple tastes, striving for Spiritual “Aliveness,” benefitting from hard work, and liking the companies of others. Instead, what one sees in the Self-Unknown is “ME” only; getting others to do ones work; having elaborate and ostentatious tastes; striving for acquired emotional “Excitement”; cunningly planning how to control others; and deceptively designing what is to their disadvantage in order to give oneself an unfair advantage. Recognition of the mental stretching required to gain these External World acquisitions and indulge ones Lower (animalistic) Self Passions and Fetters causes one to: (1) immediately become self-absorbed; (2) shift to Impulsive Superficial Reflections about who one thinks one is and who one desires to become; (3) form an Icon Image of a Superiority Complex; and (4) focus on ways to improve on the variety of methods and degrees to manifest Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate in order to acquire ones goals. Rather than thinking rationally, one uses ones imagination to generate Icon Images that match the conditions one deals with on a daily basis. Hence, actions are founded on Brute Non-rationalism (emotions orchestrated by Left Brain thinking). The absence of the Right Brain input means there is Indifference to all non-cult members. Still for having given up one Real Self and its “5Ss” leads them to be Fear-Based. Hence their intense propensity for emulation of idols and an alertness to all.

Self-UnKnowers from any cause have no other way of getting out of the Unknown except by reaching into mysterious “Supernatural” realms by seeking out like-kind others afflicted with the insecurity of not knowing who they are. By so doing they experience themselves in terms of each other and together fashion a dogma of shared values and beliefs which the entire cult lives up to and uses as standards, guides, filters, and measures for daily living. By being strategically located in all aspects of society, there is a collective Omnipresence—i.e. present everywhere simultaneously. Out of that cult and personal combination each establishes an imagined erroneous but presumed personal Icon Image of superiority. Next, one lives up to ones personal Icon Image of being superior by attacking scapegoats. A typical trigger for such attacks by “Killer” police is dark skin color. This color is like the psychedelic effect that triggers an echo to expand ones consciousness through greater awareness of the senses and emotional feelings as well as to reveal ones Unconscious motivations. Both effects of the trigger color are vividly expressed symbolically. Its bold abstract emotive sense plays daily like a tape recorder and thus causes a Conditioned Response to the Trigger color. This plus an obsession to be honored by ones cult members are greatly contributory to “Killer” police’s needless killings of unarmed Black People. jabaileymd.com