A “Poster Person” is one whose Icon Image signifies the very identity of the generic aspects of the essences of what a subject is about. Such applies to Captain John Newton, author of the famous European hymn, “Amazing Grace,” who piloted a C18 slave ship of Enslaved Africans while carrying the European Bible. He struggled with these Contrary Opposites because his mother had exposed him to some basic spiritual principles about humanity. However, it was essential to exercise “Willful Ignorance” in the face of knowing slavery was wrong—a moral dilemma he decided in favor of continuing to acquire riches from selling innocent people into a life of hell (Yenika-Agbaw J. Black Studies, 2006). Since nothing about this theme has changed in how today’s Brutes deal with Colored Peoples, notice the components involved in this scenario. First is the development of a life’s course “Agenda” headed in the direction of desiring to Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate victims. Agendas are designs and practices for conveying fantasies featuring unfair advantages for oneself in a manner that generates unfair disadvantages for ones victims. Delusional Agendas make ones cherished fantasy products look superior while making the victims’ Good “anything” look bad and anything neutral look worse than it is. This is how racist Europeans and their ‘zombie’ followers see themselves in relation to Black People. Second, such Agendas are powered by like-kind acquired Endowments—i.e. ones choice of Character and system of values behind Propensities. Propensities are acquired tendencies of capacities, abilities, and language facilities which, if cultivated to overflow, form a Virtual Image called a Disposition. The ingredients in that Disposition are organized into a Plan.

The Disposition Plan contains an Inclination and Temperament, both fashioners of the individual’s Attitude.  The Inclination is a ‘physical’ “leaning toward” or “leaning” away from something. The Temperament is its physiological Sensory Consciousness systems fashioning the type of reaction the aroused person takes. The impetus or underlying motivation powering the Disposition’s Intention to be carried out is called the Conative Element. This Element is the power for any natural tendency related to purposive behavior directed toward action or change–the power for impulse, desiring, striving, and resolving. It is a Volitional (‘I will’) mental decision—i.e. a Self-Declaration—which activates Conative power to drive how one acts on the Disposition’s thoughts and Emotions. For racists, Conative power works in conjunction with a collection of pre-existing Delusional Agenda mental Icon Images which formed the Disposition and together they spur activation of the faculty of ones Will.  Activation of ones Will manifests as an Ideo-motor Action as, for instance, the mere thought of the stimulative consequences of an act evokes the act itself.

Conative power is in Mild, Slight, Moderate, and Extreme degrees—driven, said Ancient Africans by “animal spirits” (‘Khaibit,’ Ether). Velleity implies a Mild or weak desire or inclination so insignificant that one makes little or no attempt to realize it by actions. Such is present in non-racists Europeans who benefit by “White Privilege”. To make this okay, they exercise Willful Ignorance—choosing a refusal to know—issuing from cowardice, pride, crowd addiction, laziness of mind, or “Me, Me, Me” self-interest. Its distinction from apathy is: “I don’t know–and I don’t care!”  Extreme or Brute conative power is conviction behind its absolutely deliberate Willful (Volitional) Ignorance–an active aversion to knowledge opposing their Confirmation Biases. European mental health specialists call this the “Dark Triad” of Personality—i.e. psychopathy [I substitute a Normal Variant Philosophy of life], Narcissism, and Machiavellianism. It shares a propensity for callous exploitation and being a ‘killer’ is done at every opportunity for its sheer “sick” pleasures alone—particularly when there is direct physical contact. Just as Captain Newton partly justified his pursuit of selling humans because British and American laws sanctioned trading the Enslaved, a third factor for “Killer” police candidates is because being in the police force (or any organized aggressive cult) provides a structure that encourages crime and violence. The most important ‘safe’ reasons are protection by fellows, from laws, from a favorable court system, from the biased presentations of the media that make the “killer” into a hero, and from the European public who gives its full support. jabaileymd.com


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS