Every human, since the beginning of Humankind, has engaged in Magical Thinking and/or Fantasy Thinking about the Unseen Realms. Magical Thinking–thoughts about unrealized realities that bring about changes in reality–is a fundamental feature of the human mind. It has an anatomical basis in the human brain’s “God Module”–the home of intuitional wisdom—perhaps located in the temporal lobe. This Module–powered by Real Self purity of Intellect and purity of Character–concerns spirituality, prayer, and religious experiences. Fantasy–thoughts about unrealistic things bringing about perceived changes in reality–lack anatomical or Natural World connections. Because Magical Thinking and Fantasy span all aspects of the Unseen Realms, together they are under the label of the “Occult” (‘to hide’). Yet, since the Occult deals with what is covered from view to thereby make it mysterious and a secret, it has no generally agreed upon definition.  Depending on the focus of a given “wordsmith,” Occult may be defined in reference to the Natural World’s God Module (as did Ancient Africans)–the Fantasy Worlds, with its various forms of Supernatural features (as do most Europeans)–or combinations. Regardless of ones focus or sophistication degree, such mental activity proceeds in the mind—despite the historical time or culture or stage in ones lifespan. Even people who may consciously consider themselves to be completely rational individuals and deny believing in the Occult (e.g. magic or in a Spiritual and/or Supernatural God), subconsciously still harbor some beliefs in its forces and entities. Occult mental activities partly serve as the philosophical Background basis for how one thinks, feels, expresses, acts, reacts. Ancient Africans considered the Unseen Realms of the Natural World to be the Subjective (Spiritual) and the Metaphysical. Its Spiritual God source is Unknowable but God’s reality can be known and is provable–not by objective science–but by the Law of Correspondence (‘So above, So below’).

Those believing in the “Serious Business” Fantasy portion of the Supernatural Occult—i.e. the “Air Castle” Realm–say it is outside and concealed by the Natural Cosmos. An analogy is an Eclipse (‘has gone away’)—i.e. the light of a celestial body is shut off by the intervention of some other celestial body. Examples of one body interposed in the line of a human’s vision is of a star or planet eclipsed by the moon, or of a satellite by a planet. In other words, “Air Castle” advocates say its Supernatural lighthouse light is behind a revolving screen and thereby is hidden from human view. So, to know ‘the Supernatural Light’ one must have extraordinary perception and esoteric ‘knowledge’ gained by “Non-Reason”. These are said to discern the actions or influences of Supernatural agencies–like Contingent Beings (e.g. gods, devils) and places (e.g. hell). This is the explanation for them believing it is ‘right’ for them to suspend Natural Laws of the Natural (the real Physical) Cosmos—a suspension which enables the uniting of incompatible thoughts and fictional objects into all sorts of arrangements and combinations, none of which have matching prototypes in the Natural Cosmos. Such a mindset operates with made-up concepts of impossible objects able to do anything and with unlimited power—an unlimited power imparted into the core of their made-up “supreme god”—an unlimited power far greater than the Spiritual God of the Natural World. Advocates are dedicated to expressing this power in deceptive manners most obvious to people in the Natural Cosmos—i.e. attacking, with their substitutes, the Spiritual God and all manifestations of the Spiritual Elements.

“Air Castle” Fantasies are about the endless un-foldings in the member’s imaginations, perceptions, emotions, and/or “Non-Rational” thinking–thoughts about unrealistic things bringing perceived changes in reality–lack any anatomical/Natural World connections. This type of Fantasy is best illustrated by fanciful enchanting children’s atmospheres–as characterize fairylands, wands, glittering spires, ‘airy castles,’ and other “sweet” delusions associated with magical feelings. This whole Supernatural world of fanciful aliveness possesses a titillating (Latin, tickle) or tantalizing fantasy influence amounting to a kind of spell on, or arrest of, will power. But racist Europeans want the ‘serious’ fantasy world to be exclusively for “White people”–a mindset craving a need for such exclusivity derived from their primitive Warrior Icon Image origin of “Scarcity”.