“KILLER” POLICE NETWORK (34)

The 1560 word “Network” (mesh-like structure) means a complex collection of interlocking groups of people. Such a Network system may have group connectedness–ranging from Close Knit, with many relationships between the individuals (as among European police) all the way over to being very Loose Knit, with few relationships between its individuals. Networks are classified as Strong (marked by interdependence on a relatively small number of people) or as Weak (marked by little interdependence and a wide range of diverse and superficial contacts). Strong Close Knit Networks feature a Group Mind and Group Spirit, as was typical of Ancient Africans. By contrast, Strong Loose Knit ancient Aryans, a warring people (even among themselves), spoke a common language and used common customs compatible with their Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism mindsets. However, when faced with a common designated “enemy,” they paused from fighting each other and joined forces–called an Alliance (“to acquire allies” whereby regularized connections are entered into for mutual benefit) or Liaisons (“a binding together” whereby contacts are maintained between individuals in order to ensure concerted action). Typically, like vicious Bullies who only fight, not produce benefits, a main reason for joining was to Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate (KTDD) their feigned enemies who possessed things they really wanted or they really envied. None of these foundational mindsets or practices have changed over the millennia but superficially they are displayed in different “packages.”

Today’s examples of ancient Aryan mindset “packaged” Networks, reflective of their primitive European ancestors, include “Killer” Police, , Right Wing Republicans, the KKK, Skinheads and other core Brutes, peripheral Brutes, Tangential Brutes, and Imitation Brutes. Each of these has a wide-spread Network of Associates. To elaborate on the different “packages,” the African origin of “Vocation” refers to ones Spiritual Calling—the display of one living inside a recognizable Mission “way of life,” as determined by mathematical patterns. Hence, the purpose of African Religion or Spirituality is to construct ones mind to reflect the Divine attributes of ones Self-Genius (Amen, Metu Neter VII:46). Such is a fundamental part of the Mission of Afrocentric people. However, Europeans defined “Vocation” as ones occupation or work in which one is regularly employed as a business or in a profession or trade. Thus, their “Mission” is about acquiring Physical world and Supernatural “Scarce Desirables”. Hence, Europeans Material and Supernatural Mission counterpart products are shaped by Beliefs (fervent hope) and Faith. This means their expressions are not commitments to ideas about “ME/WE” living, as in the Spiritual of African Tradition. Instead, it concerns teachings by European leaders or by the Crowd, by what one senses, and/or by what ones intellect reports to ones mind. The price paid is loyalty to that Network. European leaders fashion atmospheres and rules to which all Networks vital to its control must adhere. Violators experience severe punishments, if not death. Inhumaneness in dealing with Black People is comfortably in every aspect of USA culture. This was clearly exhibited by the slavers of Africans in the Americas–dehumanizing them–being dedicated to extinguishing their Souls—and blowing out all “Aliveness” lights so as to culturally transmit the  darkness of all poverties.

Herein reside the descendants of victims. Also, the Brutes, with their varied demons and fantasies, live in even worse types of poverty. But the difference is that Brutes have the GUN (any killing device)–and with an eagerness to kill. So, for example, when Killer police deliberately generate confrontations with military-style exaggeration and with “shoot-first before asking questions” tactics, their Network immediately comes into play in order to justify that lethal force. Or, the response of the Brute’s Crowd, if any, is immorally tardy and grossly inadequate. Either way, if it is mentioned at all, the public media and social media convert what is clear-cut “Killer” police guilt, backed by video—into the highly ambiguous. The overall rule is that when caught in a big lie, never admit it since the Network will set free the guilty. Police killings of unarmed Black People does not drop, even when the use of tasers—which do their share of killing—are used. But nation-wide, potential “Killer” police shirk their societal duties of protecting non-White communities when they are spotlighted in any way as being killers. There is no Whites’ outcry about their evils happening on “the Streets”. jabaileymd.com

Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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