The combination of primitive Europeans being a warring and fear-based people who embraced the Occult, Satanism, Fantasy Supernatural Belief/Faith System fashioned Mystical Minds. European speculations on what Mystical Mindsets consist of are limitless. Yet, a theme in their conflicted and confused concepts is that since humans awareness of all there is in the Universe is only about a “limited whole,” what completes the “whole” is: the Supernatural Unknown; “Unsayable Things that do Exist” (e.g. the “what it is” of Good and Evil); and realms about which nothing can be said. With all 3—constituting the “Mystical”–nothing is apparent to the senses nor obvious to the Intellect. Instead, true awareness comes from a direct communication with the Mystical that provides intimate awareness so remote from ordinary comprehension as to only come about by subjective experiences. Thus, European Mysticism (not Natural) means the claim to some non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable information in some form of unnatural or Supernatural manner, such as “just knowing” or acquired from “the Atmosphere.” To step into Mysticism is to accept allegations without evidence or proof—either apart from or against the evidence of ones senses and ones reason —and particularly in the face of Contrary Evidence. Engagement in such Mysticism is to possess a certain intensity and depth of Acquired Emotions in regard to what is believed about the Universe. Primed by some definite system of ossified Beliefs in a system of formulas + observances about definite dogmas of which they are powerful solvents, Mysticism appears in connection with human mind endeavors to grasp the Supernatural divine essence. Or, it deals with things’ ultimate reality. It finds satisfaction in perceived communication with what they deem to be the Highest—i.e. Satan—whom they fantasize to be a supreme, all-pervading, and indwelling power. To be connected is by a “species of transfusion or identification, in which the individual becomes in very truth ‘partaker of the divine nature’”. Satan then ceases to be an object and becomes an experience. Thereafter, full focus is on cult’s filling their aching void of being Self-Unknown, abandoned, and whatever prevents being “One” with their deity.

However, since the Devil is a fantasy, what Mystic minds respond to is the acquired Occult Supernatural accumulations. Mystical minds come about by socialization; or, in childhood, by having encountered—and lost–a reality clash with assertions of “authorities” arbitrary orders and contradictory demands. By thereafter choosing to submit—to believe rather than to think—means having Belief and Faith in the authority of cult leaders. The defeated assume authorities must have mysterious information for how to do “Life Living” to get whatever Things they want to get and for which they, as children, are deprived from knowing. Their Self-Unknown mindsets make up standards, filters, guides, and measures to be in keeping with what they see their “authorities” do. To these False Self remnants of their personal identities, they cling with ferocious possessiveness—continually struggling mightily to hide their inferiority complex, self-hate, and sense of terror from themselves and others by killing scapegoats. Such “Mystics’” minds now operate automatically out of their own Mystical Consciousness—having no critical faculty; no control over functions of their brains; and no power to question contents of their minds. Thus, whatever pops into their awareness is an absolute that corresponds to their Supernatural reality—one they sense or get from generating significant Acquired Emotions that became their action tools. Their socialized Emotions thereby follow the dictates of their cult, forming a convenient and comfortable mode of Consciousness to which they are addicted.

These Mystic Emotions are deemed to be absolute and above questioning, on beliefs of their superiority to anything in the Natural World. As a result, this attitude of perceiving a “higher” reality justifies believing they are “little gods” and their wishes are to be carried out because of possessing Omnipotence (Unlimited and universal power) abilities; to be Omnipresent (everywhere simultaneously) by means of their Network; and filled with Omniscience–total knowledge of everything—all making them the ultimate super-humans. This fashions their gross contradictory assertions + vicious lies in the Natural Earth World into harmonious pseudo-realities. They declare these as ‘superior’ truths by saying they derive from a ‘special faculty’ denied to the “inferior” non-cult members. jabaileymd.com


Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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