“KILLER”  POLICE—MID-20th CENTURY (31)

Several patterns of racists “Killer” police escalated immediately following emancipation of the Enslaved and each continues in full force to this day. Hostile Whites, especially those suffering losses from the Civil War, passed laws saying any Black persons loitering from having no job would have to pay a fine. And no jobs were available–and the ex-Slaves had no money. Hence, those were jailed and thereby entered the Convict Lease, the State-Use, or the Public Works and Ways Systems where they were sold to state agencies to build roads, buildings, recreational areas, reforestation projects, and the like—and typically being chained to each other. The jails were filthy and infested with body lice. Droves died of sunstroke, starvation, overexposure to cold, shackle infection, heart failure, swamp diseases (e.g. from having to drink the water in which they defecated), and sheer guard brutality.  In my research, I never read of any convict living for 10 years–since they were either worked to death or killed by police guards. Meanwhile, racist police were arresting huge numbers of Black People on baseless charges, on minor crimes they did not commit, or from setting them up by planting illegal things on them. Starting with any or no excuse for needing to clear a street corner, police would tell Black People (e.g. young men) to move along, then arrest them for moving too slowly or not moving. Reasons for this were to send a message to gangs or drug dealers, or to assert their own authority. The charge for arrest was loitering (generically defined as “to interfere with, impede or hinder the free passage of pedestrian or vehicular traffic” after having been warned to desist), trespassing, disorderly conduct, or resisting arrest. Once charged, misdemeanor processes involved various deceptive tricks and intimidations so as to exert tremendous pressure on innocent victims to plead guilty. This was particularly effective if those victims have been put in jail and are unable to make bail. Most town Whites, believing in the same Supernatural Satanist code of morality, were part of this evil network.

Such a scenario is indistinguishable from the illegal arrest policies and shameful reporting by the media—and neither apply to White people in this Democratic Republic called the USA. Regardless of type or degree of conviction for crimes, it has always been typical for these victims to be given outrageously long prison sentences, if not for life. Countless numbers of innocent Black People have always been put on Death Row and executed. Particularly present since the Colonial era–most prominently in  Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia–such Death Penalties peaked in the 1930s. But this began to slow after World War II in 1945 and great legal attacks on it came by way of the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund in the 1960s. Thereafter, black skin on one deemed to be a criminal was the main determiner for getting executed. Because of all of this + daily police brutality, Negroes enraged emotions escalated after World War II—spurred by Black soldiers returning home from battling enemies abroad. Still White “Killer” police came/come to work every day knowing they could do no wrong and thus could get away with the most heinous crimes against Black People. Whatever bad they did, their bosses would cover it up. Police have always been able to justify their actions to the public, supported by media amplification, as being for “order maintenance” or as representing “quality-of-life” policing. The result was/is carnage that has terrorized Black communities and politicized Black police. Riots returned to prominence. By 1967 rioting in 50+ USA cities came from abusive or discriminatory police actions targeting Black People.

This was met with strong, community military type anti-crime efforts whereby Black People had to prove they were innocent (and police corruption, like planting evidence on suspects, essentially prevented this) while it was the reverse for White people. Meanwhile, the bottomless reservoir of deep hostility toward the police, undeniable by the 1960s in struggling Black communities, continued to worsen on up to today. Deterrence retaliation by some Blacks had been started in 1966. In keeping with European males ‘little god’ illusion, Los Angeles police expressed their omnipresence by introducing helicopter patrols so as to watch “everything and then radio to waiting officers as to which suspects to arrest. Extra-judicial killings of Black People by police have persistently reigned at the top–400% over Blacks lynched or executed by capital punishment in the worst of years. jabaileymd.com