Since C15 the GUN has been the conjoined twin of European males—central to their self-perceived identity as a rugged and violent people. Interlocking and interconnected factors accounting for this predisposition to violence and killing were/are: (1) its culture (e.g. philosophy, values, attitudes, and habits); (2) being a warring people since their primitive origin; (3) their Supernaturally generated Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism (IHES) complex; and (4) urges for IHES displays as a perpetual, unrestricted violence legacy–spotlighted during/after slavery (to the present)—and always directed toward Black People. USA Murder rates–even with all firearms deaths subtracted from the criminal totals—are 3 times the rate of most other Western nations. Such generates ‘Why?’ concepts of Death about those they killed as well as their own ‘what happens’ beliefs post-dying. The following options are drawn from European sources: Belief I: Many European ‘religious’ say that in living by the highest light one knows, while carrying the seed of faith, ensures they will go to their Supernatural heaven. Belief II: after living life however one likes, to renounce ones sins upon meeting St. Peter after death, leads to a resurrection and not re-animation. Belief III, if Belief I is not carried out, one goes to Hell, like the Jewish Gehenna—a great refuse-heap of ever smoldering fire. Belief IV: If one lives by Supernatural Satanists dogma–which makes Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate an honorable part of “purification”—one will go to the “Air Castle heaven.” Belief V: “I’m not Sure what happens to me when I die.” Belief VI: “When you die, that’s it! Since all pleasures end, I can do anything I can get away with.” Hence, they are free to bathe in the Fetters–extreme selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, frustration, dishonorable, arrogance, pride, lust.

Such Belief diversity is thought to be supported by psychical research failing to provide evidence for human Afterlife survival; by philosophers and novelists ignoring it or taking for granted death as total extinction; and by ordinary folk, in spite of current interests in the occult, seeming to be little influenced by considerations of what might happen to them after death. European ministers say half of White people have no living belief in immortality; Poets do not sign of it; and even among Christians there are not a few who relapse into an attitude of reverent Agnosticism–wistfully speaking of “a larger life beyond” but unable to affirm it with ringing ‘knowledge.’ The Physical Sciences, Europeans add, seem self-explanatory godlessness; or, resulting from strictly natural causes leaving no room for God or Spiritual Powers. Meantime, older Materialistic ideas are widespread with resultant beliefs in life-after-death seeming to be Superstitions. In consequence, Atheism or at least Agnosticism is widely prevalent. Technical advances in Industry often foster man’s belief in himself. Possibly the wide extension of the practice of Cremation—hygienic and commendable as it is—has served to strengthen the delusion that death is the end of all. Potent disbelief causes are the weakness of divided churches to counteract prevailing tendencies + widespread growing neglect of Scripture teachings, despite the large sales of the new English Bible. An Anglican priest said he was a non-believer in life-after-death, in any Supernatural Being, in any realm of its activity, or in any part of humans surviving death. All of these are associated with a denial of the objective reality of God.

Such beliefs indicate the “Seed” problem is a failure of having researched their Belief Base for their assumptions of what world and where they came from, who said so, and with what proof. At a “Root” level, Euro-Americans are without a history–only a made up memory, far from realistic. Most Base Beliefs are ‘seeded” in a given Supernatural cult whose dogma wipes out having any particular regard for their amoral lives or how inhumanely they treat others. In short, there are no incentives to virtue or any disincentive to vice. Any given one of these 6 Beliefs or some combination or something like them constitute the “Death” ideas of “Killer” police. Their ‘little god’ mindsets of always ‘right’ prevent them from seeing anything from another’s point of view or understanding that others rightfully approach life differently. Their premium placed on self and material interests led/leads them to do whatever would immortalize them following death. [Ref: Baker, Theology, 1983; Selwyn, Theology, 1953; Taylor, The Expository Times, 1964; Leonard, Homicide Studies, 2003] jabaileymd.com