In African Tradition, the opposite of Unconditional Love is its absence—the entering into a void–and that leaves one in a state of “Indifference”–the essence of Inhumanity. Indifference: (1) is derived from some strong anti-Spiritual Elements principle; (2) consists of an immovable neutrality keeping one detached and aloof because of an absence of feeling or interest; (3) possesses a disharmonious dispositional quality (i.e. a mindset with a prevailing trend) in its Thought Structure; (4) features a settled or fixed lack of interest and attention to Humanity features of humans’ Spark of God—e.g. things of Worth, Compassion, Caring, and Dignity; and (5) generates disruptive forces on people’s awareness of Cosmic Beauty, Goodness, Happiness, Wellness, and Natural Order. Such “Hard-Heartedness” applied to God’s creatures and creations means “those others” deemed to be of no consequence—i.e. so unimportant as to neglect providing them due care and abandoning those in need. Such Inhumanity was so meaningful to Ancient Africans as for them to personify it in the mythical god Set. Brutes’ actions worse than Set were exemplified by the rich slave traders who showed Aversion (‘to turn away from because of an uncontrollable desire to avoid’) to Enslaved Africans, while overseers showed Adversion (a face-to-face) opposition. Associated with both were Apathy (involuntary complete absence of feeling for their scapegoats) that evolved into Hate, Evilness, and Sadism (IHES) complex. This IHES complex fashioned a subhuman mindset in the slavers, as clearly shown by their lifestyle of destructive countless IHES Effects, with Consequences flourishing to this day. An IHES mindset’s content is characterized by Tehuti’s “Twelve Tormentors“—Ignorance, Grief, Intemperance (excessive indulgence of a natural appetite or passion); Incontinence (lacking restraint, especially over the sexual appetite); Injustice; Avarice (greed); Falsehood; Envy; Guile (cunning, deceit); Anger; Rashness (impulsive, acting without due consideration); and Malice (desire to inflict harm).

Springing from these twelve are many others—each preventing one from conceiving anything Beautiful or Good. Molded from IHES minds + being Self-Unknown + self-declaring to be loyal to Satanists ways by attacking Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural are “rubber stamp” and predictable False Self Personality traits. Examples are extreme selfishness, anger, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, frustration, arrogance, pride, lust—and their Mild, Slight, Moderate, and Extreme offspring. These Fetters, powered by delusional imaginations concerning oneself and others, thereby completely detach one from ones Spiritual Selfhood + all social Human Nature aspects. One Extreme is the affliction of “Anhedonia”–an inability to feel pleasure due to the dulling of ones responsiveness to ones brain’s reward pathways (e.g. involving the Ventral Tegmental Area of the Midbrain, the Ventral Prefrontal Cortex). Many Brutes admit to a “numb” Conscience in doing evil acts. Resultant highlighted consequences are KTDD (Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate) displays. The efficient IHES members who know how to orchestrate and coerce Crowd Indifference and also to be self-indulgent have a majority of people doing KTDD and who serve as a powerful wall to protect their evil acts.

The Humanity Mildly Indifferent abandon their Mission in life and the associated Self-assigned obligation(s), duty(s), and responsibility(s)—hence, no “lifting of others”; no “self-climbing”; and no living up to ones Highest (divinity) Self.  The “Slight” disregard others feelings and lack empathy. The Moderate completely ignore the horrors occurring to others. Whether realized or not, this is guilt by omission–blameworthy by what is not done that should be done. They then compromise with dishonorableness. The Extreme find pleasure in the sufferings of others. Victims of Indifference with a healthy self-esteem know they are not what is being showered on them but instead remain who they choose to be. Those who are already insecure allow their sense of shame and worthlessness to lead to feel that life has no meaning. This mindset is unable to enjoy anything while wiping out striving for higher improvement of oneself and/or to help others. To break ones IHES mindset bad habit is simply to deprive it of nourishment, for it has no force until it is well-fed. Instead, replace it with Human Ideal goals–which are not about absolute Perfection but rather living so as to be on the path to cultivating every potential in ones Selfhood Greatness possession.