Two of the innumerable reasons for the terribleness of European education for Black People are it presents the only thing they know (quite limited and usually wrong), and acts as if that is the best (when actually it is the worse). For example, Europeans present the Scientific Method as the tool for Critical Thinking (CT) but it is not applicable to Spiritual problems. Yet some of its processes are useful for CT, as in establishing common ground for communication. To explain, Definition by Etymology is discovering the root from which a particular word’s meaning is derived–a word’s Denotations–and then following its evolution up to the present. This is extremely valuable for scientific CT. Denotations may represent samples of Reality to which they refer. Connotations of a word, at best, give varied ideas of distorted Realities while headed in different directions. For Afrocentric life-shaping and life-changing metaphysical (away from the physical) concepts, European philosophy is unable to to address them and thus their reference books are generally useless (except for spelling). Despite my diligently searching, African literature is typically silent on Ancient Africans’ philosophical living concepts (e.g. with love) and most do not give definitions. Since one must have absolute “definitions” of the Spiritual Elements in order to stay on the “Truth-Track,” one must resort to “out-of-the-box” ways for defining what has no boundaries. This does not mean a definition as people normally think of them–i.e. as a set of necessary and sufficient conditions exactly delimiting a concept–or giving opinions about them. The “out-of-the-box” ways are applied to the families of words lacking boundaries and/or those concepts beyond ones imagination. Thus, they cannot be “normally” defined. Instead, whether by creativity or by common sense, CT resorts to the Cross’s Scope Knowing, Depth Knowing, and Mathematics to make its own “definitions” as close to the Truth, or as close to what is established, as possible.    Definitions by Experience became a reality for me during my orthopaedic surgery residency at the Hospital For Joint Diseases in New York City. Every morning we residents spent time with the radiologist reviewing “normal” x-rays with all of their small variations.  By having an Idea Picture of “Normal” we were better able to discern “Normal Variants” and detect the “Abnormal” by Idea Pictures. Yet, none of these three have a “normal” definition. During this same time period I learned “Definitions by Feelings” are Instincts (i.e. a System of Feelings working in conjunction with ones autonomic nervous system and without Thoughts) which express the Will of God. Some things–like Reality, Truth, Right, Knowledge–can only be recognized by being “Felt.” When one has a Free Mind and is doing Cosmic Enhancing works (e.g. Selfless Service for the poor), “Feelings” are superior to CT or figuring things out. They saved me from big trouble countless times when faced with great hostile racism attacks.
            Nature’s Instincts are the basis for the Laws of Nature. “Natural” (Egyptian, “Neteru” or God’s principles and manifestations, as shown in stars) pertains to the very essence of Being (a unique vibration pattern) as well as to offspring from that Being’s evolution. Since Natural (Spiritual) Pattern Definitions are based upon Mathematics’ quantitative reasoning, they are illustrated by Biological “Normals” where living organisms continually change and grow from inward, out and all at once. Here, “Normal” conforms to the established standards for its sort of Natural thing. Thus, Spiritual “Normal” (which does not change) in regard to “Natural” is made possible because of the consistent patterns underlying natural events. Such is detected by looking behind the obvious to see the Thing’s coherent, enduring, balanced, harmonious, connectedness, and unchanging elements/pattern. Yet, Though these “Far Out” definitions are useful guides for proceeding from a plan, they are updated as one advances and discovers better information or Knowledge. jabaileymd.com