Regarding the blindness of peoples of the world to the obvious, the subject of the European Supernatural stands out. Surfing television channels will show a high percentage of titles dealing with Satan; pacts with the Devil; legends of infernal personalities; werewolves; Witches and Warlocks, perhaps as midwives and physicians; Divination by rhadoscopy (wand or dowsing), cereoscopy (wax and coffee grounds), water, sacrifice, fire, lychnoscopy (candles); Demonoscopy (Genii, fairy beings, goblins, elves, elementals); ghosts; magic; corpses; animals; born Supernatural figures–and on endlessly. But what is this world? Because its way of thinking dominates in those who control the world, it is intriguing to explore. Yet, it has been extremely difficult for me–after going through hundreds of books on a vast variety of its “ought to be present” subjects–to find more than mere bits and pieces of  information. My intrigue is because of the damage of untold
and ever increasing magnitude caused by Supernatural concepts. Their practices–for all categories of people in all races, creeds, and colors–account for pain and suffering, conflict and confusion, doubt and uncertainty, inferiority and superiority complexes. What is it about the religious content of the Supernatural and its Superstition partners that, as a lifestyle, inspire such widespread and deep inner Self-Turmoil and hatred of outsiders? Why do they produce such grandeur of mind about being “right” and thus superior concerning what is incomprehensible? What is the reason for such killing in the name of their God? What has been tattooed in the cradle of ones society’s philosophy to justify a need to cultivate a fear of God while ascribing human attributes to God?–and Why?
The Latin word “Supernatural” is defined as ‘super-nature’–referring to the realm, with Supernormal Beings, existing above and beyond the realm of sense experience. Supernormal is defined as belonging to an unknown but natural order or system. “Super-nature” is beyond the universe, beyond entities, beyond identity. These all contradict every and anything humans know about the identity of what Ancient African Sages proved to have Correspondence. The African Law of Correspondence says all Cosmic Phenomena are limited and serial–and that they appear as scales or series on separate planes. Such can be readily observed in various aspects of the physical world by any sane person. Warren’s ‘Psychology’ defines “Supernatural” as belonging to a higher order or system than that of Nature, or transcending the ordinary course of Nature. Funk & Wagnalls (1930) dictionary says: “Existing or occurring through some agency above the forces of nature; lying outside the
sphere of natural law, whether psychic or physical; caused miraculously or by the immediate exercise of divine power.” The Winston Dictionary (1946) says: “being outside or exceeding the forces or laws of nature: above, or superior to, the sequences of cause and effect in natural law; miraculous–that which is superior to the recognized forces or laws of nature. Note: such Supernatural Thinking about definitions are not acts of defining. When people have no basis for saying what some real thing is when it came into existence, they resort to saying what it is not. These definitions “wipe out” Nature–using methods of “what it is not”. Second, they deny, or at least overrule, the Spiritual One Universal High God elaborated on so extensively in African Tradition–and again without proof. Third, to exist is to possess a real identity. But, outside Belief and Faith, what identity do these Believers offer for thinking “far out of this world of reality”?
Of course, by being un-provable, or even reasonably supported as well as by lacking a meaning clarity, European Supernatural Thinking spurs raging disagreements. Despite constant battling, they put up a solid front to the public–an Aryan trait–with respect to having Belief/Faith in what is overwhelmingly confusing and does not make sense in African Tradition. The naïve, being new to Supernatural “authorities'” normal dishonorableness, accept it as is and thereby jump into a bottomless pit. That this type of thinking is present in full force today can be readily floodlighted by listening to any talk shows. It takes but a few moments to study “the Party of ‘No’ government officials, each of whom, like sheep lacking Character, identify themselves as negators–and without offering any solutions.