Like Respect, there are Spiritual and Earth World categories of Disrespect. The “Dis-“ in “Disrespect” is a prefix that means the opposite of; lack of; not; apart; or away from respect. Because of its effect on the Law of Sympathy, Black people have a lower tolerance for their children—or for anyone— being disrespectful than perhaps in any other culture. African Spiritual Disrespect is an assault on ones Dignity and that is anti-Love— whether to God, to human beings, or to other creatures or creations. Earth world Disrespect varies with the group or with the individual and consists of the opposite of what the person or group deems to be respectful. Regardless of its features, Ancient Africans said Earthly Disrespect is “the eating of ones self-esteem.”

Examples included defiant behaviors, such as children disobeying their mothers’ requests; being unwilling to cooperate with their mothers; and ignoring their mothers during a communication interaction. In pre-colonial Africa the chances are that Spiritual and Earth World disrespect rarely occurred. However, both were invariable during African American slavery. The evil and sadistic European captors worked hard at destroying the sound selfrespect the Slaves brought in from Africa but were extremely hypocritical about it. The Euro-American style hypocrisy, developed by the European Knights of the Medieval Ages, is well known to Black, Red, Brown, and Yellow people alike. For example, Europeans said that every citizen’s individual rights are known to be grounded in an act of God. On paper, they called this the Preamble of the American Declaration of Independence (1776): “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This is strictly an Ancient African concept and yet Euro-American society has never lived up to this preamble, or even tried.

The magnitude of disrespect shown by Europeans to the Slaves and its long term repercussions have been unequalled in world history. One of its ramifications following slavery was intra-Black social dissention (which limited the development of group unity) and perpetual intra-group conflict, jealousy, and mistrust—each of which, in the face of rejection and oppression, bred disrespect for the self and for others like the self. The persistence of this pattern explains much of the envy existing between Blacks and for the acts of Black-on-Black violence.

White Americas continue to show Black people a lack of respect; rudeness; impoliteness; and discourtesy on all rungs of the social ladder. Such a subdued savage mindset shown by Europeans is a major cause of their overwhelming fear in daily living. Europeans’ disrespectful expressions or deeds related to threats to or disturbances or destructions of Black people’s dignity has generated chronic anger, especially in Black “Street” youth. But since until recently fear put a lid on retaliation, many afflicted Blacks have used in-home or in-neighborhood individuals as scapegoats.

Preventing all that is associated with first class citizenship is the top form of disrespect affecting Black Americans. Inherently disrespectful is the ethnocentricity stemming from the ridiculous White superiority fantasy (which only applies to White people’s willingness and expertise in killing) and its associated White Privilege (a favored state, whether earned or conferred by birth or luck or by being bought). Both are about disrespect for Spiritual and Earth world dignity related to every human being; to God’s other creatures and creations; and to God. Both put Blacks at a never ending unfair disadvantage while Whites have a never ending unfair advantage— what I call “Math of the Unequal Sign.” The source of both White superiority and White Privilege is the GUN—not intelligence! What is even worse is that this pattern of disrespect will never change because 90% of Europeans have followed a greedy aggressive pattern for 45,000 years.