Critically Thinking (CT) Evil starts with seeing a big picture of what is/is not Evil–an assessment having a special relation and motivation for constructing and moving toward a Human Ideal goal. Success only comes by knowing what is real–with Courage to be oneself–and making non-emotional decisions. Ancient Africans said the Cosmic Organism’s Circle of Wholism includes all of God’s creatures and creations encircled inside the Spiritual Elements and whatever is outside that Circle represents some form of Evil. As opposed to those saying God created Evil, God’s Unconditional Love (UL) inner nature naturally allows each human freedom to decide to be inside or outside that Circle–the Circle also inside a human’s own brain/mind. Ancient Africans represented the Circle’s outsides with dangerous and unpleasant animals–i.e. Apep (Apophics), the serpent archenemy of the spirit of God and of humans + Set (a scorpion, serpent, hippopotamus, crocodile, wild ass, wild boar, and pig)–an unidentified mammalian and the archenemy beast of human’s and God’s divinity. These two animal centers in humans’ brain–the Ancient (Reptilian) and the Old Mammalian brains–are home to Instinct, Omnibus, and Brute Emotions. They pertain to Evil within the context of “is it for me or against me?” By these two animal brain centers controlling the early part of every human’s life and being main sources of ones natures means a human’s physical nature is an animal born mindset–a nature able to hinder humans from perfecting or even striving for their Highest (Divinity) Selves. Since Evil derives from ones brain, failing to cultivate corrective faculties is a Metaphysical Disorder.
 Such Spiritual Evil is enhanced by outside forces in the name of religion. Some say Satan exists as a sort of “bogeyman”–one equal to or greater in power than African Tradition’s Spiritual One Universal High God–a common allusion to a mythical monster–a contingent or “virtual” concept having no reality or specific appearance in itself. Believers are easily controlled by this non-specific embodiment of terror and thereby can be misled into Spiritual Disorder. When these evil religious messages were delivered to the Enslaved during African American slavery, their Spiritual God was subtly replaced with a Contingent God telling them to live life serving the captors. That substitution left victims with some doubts and thus caused them to “pick and choose” what to believe. The resultant collage was fashioned into a religious tow-rope held on to today. Despite its self-defeating features, victims built a lifestyle around this tow-rope and have so tightly clutched it as to prevent its removal by means of Truth. This is because their lack of awareness of the Ultimate leads to the false belief that if they let go of their Tow-rope they will have nothing left.  CT indicates that if Evil, as Evil, positively subsisted, it would be Evil to itself and would therefore destroy itself. One can prove to oneself that Evil lacks any power to do damage to any birth gifts ones has (e.g. ones Soul) by one simply reattaching to ones birth gift of Selfhood Greatness and noticing the immediate benefits.
Satan’s only power is the power a human gives him. That giving of power is done by remaining addicted to ones Lower (animalistic spirit) Self pleasures–an addiction indicated by Emotionally clinging to living a non-thinking life and seeking only what excites ones Emotions. Evil is impotent and has no power unless and until one hands over ones own power–as occurs when one allows anti-Spiritual Elements to Cloud out ones “Soul Sunshine” and all of its powers. Evil cannot be a thing in itself for it is merely the absence of Good and God. Thus, it is experienced when there is not enough Good to go round.  When people lack the Courage to stay within the Circle of Cosmic Wholism, Brutes rush in to lead them into evil. When virtuous people’s loyalty to an unyielding purpose is dropped, the gap is filled with some aspect of the Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism Complex and that turns average people into Brutes. When people reduce their virtues to what merely SEEMS okay, then Evil acquires the force of an absolute. Evil profits when Good compromises with it. Evil wins by default. Evil wins when the Good serves it. Evil wins by the moral failure of those to take a stand against it or if the society is evilly irrational. Right living expands, cultivates, and perceives more deeply the perception of the negation of the evil within and around oneself. That causes wider and deeper visions of and attraction to God and the Good. That is the way to promote Spiritual growth.
Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS
To create, maintain, and enhance HARMONY