Aristotle, a mega-Icon thinker for Europeans, rose to ‘stardom’ by parroting plagiarized knowledge of Ancient African Sages. Yet, his own non-stolen concepts often failed to live up to even mediocre intellectual standards. Allow me to illustrate with His/My Call and Response. He says: “Man is by nature a social animal [JAB: but a Lower Self animal is not all a humans is]; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human [JAB: for you and other Europeans but certainly not true throughout the world of Colored Peoples]. Society is something that precedes the individual [What about Primitive African individuals being the generators of society?]. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god. ” [How does he know that? Numerous other Europeans have picked up this flawed thinking, used it as their Basemeaning it is “grounded” in “airy quick-sand”. On that Base they build Thought Structures going in all directions, evolving each into further nonsensical Supernatural information serving as assumptions for significant fantasy beliefs.] European “experts” expand by saying “Man is born in society, lives in society, and dies in society” [which I grant]. “Society is indispensable for man [is that completely true?]. Man cannot live as man without society [what is the proof for this definitive statement?—live how?]. Isolation from society is regarded as a punishment [Would not that depend upon the society?]. Solitary life is unbearable for him [Maybe ascetic hermit monks should be notified to stop doing this]. Social life is necessary for man [There are countless humans who find other things in life to be far more interesting than Social life—especially since Social Life is very narrow in scope and superficial in depth].

The instinct for some form of social life is innate in human beings [redundantI grant that but still instincts can be superseded]. “Man is not born human but to be made human” [African Sages say just the opposite—that humans are born as Spiritual Beings and made ‘human’ from matter and Lower or Animalistic Self living on Earth]. “A number of case studies [who did these studies? what are their qualifications? how honorable are they?] show the fact [how is a fact defined?] that man develops human qualities [how could they possibly know that? Where did they get their judging standards? how do they know those standards are proper and above human opinions, biases, and prejudices?] only in society [I would alter this by saying newborns possess human qualities but require interacting with humane people—not just anybody—for their humane development. In order to deceive gullible people, it is typical for ignorant people to say: “clinical studies show” or “doctors say” without any attempt at foundational proof. That is one reason why it is essential to challenge their major premise—who are these doctors? Are they qualified to do “clinical studies”? or are the ones who said it simply named “doctors”?]. One “authority” says: “The human infant, at his birth, is not fully aware of his own “self’. He develops the idea of self through the interaction with others. C. H.C** says that the very idea of “self’ or “I” can arise only in relationship with other people.” [Fundamental here is how C. H.C** defines “self’ or “I”—are they the same? Do they include Spiritual aspects or only definitions limited to the Earth world?—Yet, no definition is given since it is assumed that because C. H.C** said it makes it absolutely true?—and if so, how is “absolute” and “true” defined? and by whom?].  “Man has a variety of needs. If he leads a cooperative life with his fellow beings in society he can easily get his needs fulfilled. Many of his needs will remain unsatisfied if he does not lead a cooperative life with his fellow beings.” [That is ridiculous as is!!!].

All of this authoritative “junk” is said with great confidence, sincerity, and as if “experts” know everything. But to believe it means ones mind is controlled. Fallacies to watch for include: “All-Or-None” and “Either/Or” statements;  explaining Spiritual Concepts with Earth World only terms; that “because they say it—or “everybody” is doing it, then it must be true”; foundations for persuasive Thoughts built upon the say-so of any “authority”. I have found “authorities” to be terribly wrong more than any other group of sophisticated people. Except in my boyhood all-Black community (especially from ex-Slaves who knew African Tradition), I have never been taught the Truth or seen it presented in my entire formal European education or on the media or in talks or speeches. Such Non-rational thinking is like Adolf Hitler’s pattern. He said the way to control people is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to evade the rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.