Viewing a subject’s”Big Picture” begins Critical Thinking’s (CT) understanding. Then CT uses the Truth Platter Approach: (1) Determining if the parts and phases fit from a Spiritual Elements wholistic perspective; (2) Being open within and without to Recognized Truths; (3) acquiring, enhancing, and maintaining Certain Self-Truths; (4) Defending against Anti-Truths; and (5) Living in Truth. Since CT’s objective is to achieve Certainty, failing to have a realistic Truth Platter with a clear way to “define” each considered category is to lack a solid Base/Foundation for determining how to build a sound Thought Structure for decisions and solutions; for “Feeling” difficult problems; for self-improvement; and for helping others. Truth is presentwhen the (interior) interrelationships of an assessed thing demonstrate complementary relationships; has interdependence on any and every plane of Cosmic existence; and possesses an unchanging sameness of Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability. If any of these are absent and/or the appearances and functions of the parts and phases lack a Spiritual Elements source, then no Truth exists. Still, simple Truth-seeking is hard since people are not taught or exposed to the Truth and are thus deluded into living by non-Truths.
          Ancient African Sages said Spiritual Truth, in expressing the Will of God, is of itself in its Divine Archetype (seed) essence. By itself it brings itself into Being. Its evolution, regardless of its Cosmic location, remains dynamic, permanent, stationary, and eternal. Its unchanging sameness is throughout its independent/interdependent parts within the Circle of Cosmic Wholism. Nevertheless, its appearance inside the Material Realm depends upon how it is wrapped or combined with other things. A path to this insight is to “Know Thyself” by realizing: (A) one is Spiritually connected to all God’s creatures and creations; (B) one is an essential being and an indispensible part of the Cosmos; (C) the essence of ones Selfhood, as with all God’s creatures and creations, is the Spiritual Elements; and (D) Cosmic Truth serves as the standard, guide, and filter for daily living. From those realizations one can discern, based upon vibrations–and not by what authorities say or people do–the morally Right ways to Think, Feel, Express, and Act/React. “Feeling” ones Spiritual Elements inside ones Spiritual Energy empowers one with the strength to live the Truth.  Although Truth does not elicit any kind of pleasure, to live with appreciation for all the good it does gradually leads to contentment with its “rightness” and enjoying its freeing presence.
          Secular Practical Truth concerns ones focus; if it is/is not complete, whole, in context, and appropriate; the nature, proper interrelationship interactions, purposes, and plane(s) of existence of things; and their ability to do the most good, for the most people, and over the longest period of time. To illustrate, flexible judgment is needed to assess “Health” Truths, as the war ones body’s white blood cells fight in battling invading germs maintains health at one level but Peace from togetherness is at another level. Prioritizing the harmonious relationships between all real things enables differences between Right/Wrong conduct to be established through Spiritual Elements. Any anti-Spiritual Elements aspects in thoughts, emotions, expressions, or deeds which generate anti-Truths or which accept anti-truths or which fail to prevent needless anti-truths–are problematic and need modifications or replacements. When I do not know what to do in handling such situations, my first step is to bring up the Spiritual Elements as my base and container for making all decisions and solutions; become “Calm, Cool, and Collected”; and then use the Truth Platter Approach to design and cultivate “win-win” creative patterns most likely to work with ease. My experience says: “Life is designed to test you when you are at your worse” and “Nothing is achieved without having to jump over hurdles covered with barbwire.
To create, maintain,and enhance HARMONY
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