To know God, the Ancient African Bible’s “Language Coin” conveys Esoteric (hidden essences) Certainty Knowledge about God’s manifestations on one side; on the other is its made-up storytelling metaphorical Contingent Beings (CB) of gods/goddesses. The Esoteric side spotlights the “what it is” of formed Spiritual Elements “Stars” when they came into Being–with the “what it does” and “how it appears” in the periphery. The Spiritual CBs’ other side, creations of African Sages’ Imagination, spotlight them as Icon Images and Symbols–the “what it does” and “how it appears” Alternate Reality of each. These Spiritual Metaphors, containing Spiritual CBs, are vehicles in which the African Bible’s “Star” messages are transferred from Esoteric Images and Symbols into “Halo” stories for the people. Thus, the message transfer: (1) is a change-over from Direct Reality Spiritual Language into Secular Language, an Alternative Reality; (2) its “Star” message essence is unchanged despite its “Halo” CB form; (3) the CBs, by staying within the context of the Spiritual Elements, are Icon Symbolic Image reflections mirroring Direct Reality; and (4) although the CBs are unreal, their effect has the potential to produce the same impact as if their “Halo” message was in Direct Reality “Star” form. To view this another way, imagine the Direct Reality “Star” message to represent the “Head” of an Octopus. Also imagine its 8 tentacles–i.e. the Spiritual CBs–symbolize “Thinking/Feeling” aspects already existing within a human. In this manner, a made-up Icon Symbol Image in the form of a Spiritual CB, which has no real existence, can display as existing as an incomplete realistic spirit. For example, Ancient Africans’ astro-mathematics devised the goddess Ma’at–an Icon Symbol for Truth and Justice–to serve as a semi-realistic spirit found within each human. As a powerful Figure of Communication (FOC), her impact is so great as to change behaviors in the receptive.
            By possessing varied communication powers, such FOC (e.g. Metaphors, Personifications into CBs) are part of the essential nature of the Ancient African Bible language. Jegna leaders (wise from struggles) best speak African Esoteric Truths through the language of the Receiver–in words, meanings, tones, rhythm–about what the Receiver ordinarily would not understand. First, CB endow ones mind and feelings with both a meaning and a sense of participation inside that meaning. Second, CB enable Receivers to create a mental picture of what they believe to be the source and the nature of the Trigger for the Icon or “Star” in existence. Third, each CB is an Icon Symbolic message which disregards the limitations and boundaries of human thought in order to impart ideas of the indescribable. Fourth, Metaphors and CBs provide paths for people to fashion ideas concerning incomprehensible subjects. They also possess the power to transform ones thinking about the hidden and mysterious into a clear and orderly picture of a Thing’s origin. Fifth, they are instructive as Affect Symbolic Images. An FOC example is putting white dots on a balloon and then blowing up that balloon to show how, as part of its evolution, the Cosmos continues to expand–thus conveying what is not easily described. Sixth, African Tradition’s Spiritual CBs’ power is by being Mythical Truths–as exhibited in its Spiritual entity nature effects of “what it does” and “what it can do.” Seventh, CB have wide application in “Education” (“to lead out what is inside”), Instructing (“to build in or into”), and “Training” (active mind exercising in order to form habits). African Ritual Specialists (derogatorically called “Witch Doctors” by dumb Europeans) have continuously illustrated CBs’ “how it appears” forms for “Teaching” (“to show” by imparting knowledge)–achieving extremely high success rates from using grotesque masks to cure spiritually disturbed patients.
            Ancient Greeks, after borrowing these African CB Concepts, misunderstood the esoteric aspects and thereby gave African CB the name Fantasy. So popular  was Fantasy with ancient Greek Stoics (c308 BC) that it became synonymous with Phantasia (a making visible), Imagination, Imaging, Image, and Fancy. Those terms were translated by the Roman Cicero (106-43 BC) into Notion and Comprehension so as to form a weird theory of Perception. In turn, these words were instrumental in fashioning and characterizing Europeans’ (Secular) Supernatural CB concepts–a realm having absolutely nothing to do with the Spiritual Supernatural Realm of African Tradition.
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