CONDITIONAL LOVE IN PRACTICE
A way White people are socialized into “Conditional Love” (CL) is exemplified historically as follows. Much of early Euro-American CL tradition came from Puritans’ religious beliefs which, in turn, were based on the philosophy that a breakdown in family rigid rules–designed upon mechanically derived patterns–indicated a disregard of their Supernatural God and that God’s order–actually the White father’s law. Since, for Europeans, the duty of early child-care was that of the mother, the approach of White mothers–at least after the child was about two years old–was to cage their affectionate emotions toward a disobedient child–a form of “conditional love.” The point was to break the child’s will and to emphasize strict obedience. Besides with-holding affection, other methods included a stern tone of voice, associated with a great deal of body language (e.g. a glare), in gaining the child’s attention–an approach similar to that used by many animal trainers in molding animal behavior. In other words, CL is treating others like agents, like entities, who exist for the purpose of bringing about some prescribed result. When in the setting of others and regardless of race, somewhere in those entities’ assessment is the generation of some type of fear or apprehension because somehow they are not free–not solid in being able to be a person in their own right–not having a Free Mind. As a result, it was easy for Instrumentalism Thinkers to become Satanists and assume such roles as slavers involved in the African Slave trade and in brainwashing Enslaved Africans brought to the Americas. It was fundamental for the Enslaved to be switched from having Certainty in God over to having “belief and faith” in God (so Whites could dictate the parameters) as well as switch from Unconditional Love to control by CL. Both were of prime importance in fashioning “Inside-Out” thinking in the Enslaved. CL was passed along to the Enslaved and some were in such profound Despair as to internalize it, take the captors position against fellow Enslaved, and  thereby subsequently culturally transmit it as a custom to many of today’s descendants.
            To tolerate gross injustices from Whites as being a feature of CL is a spur causing many Black People to kowtow to Whites in hopes they will be loved by Whites (which will never happen). One reason is the mind controlling measure of CL has always been used by White Brutes’ against Black and White people. Black People who became “Ideal Slaves” or, Black Puppets in today’s world, could expect to be rewarded with compliments or gifts ranging from trinkets all the way up to leadership postions. Those failing to conform to Whites or working to help Black People were/are typically ostracized or have bad things done to them by Whites. The “stay-in-your-place” for Whites included not making friends or associating with Black People; not giving Black People credit for any thing, make up lies about Blacks + cheat/steal; or doing things for themselves which allow for independent thinking among the masses. When Black People are faced with this type of CL mindset, they know two things immediately. One is that since, at best, only a tiny few Whites know even bits and pieces of Black people’s history and story, they will not be considered as human entities or as significant–or be incorporated into governments or societies plans directed to the well-being of the public. Second, typical of Europeans’ Instrumentalism patterns as dominating in the Law is to give interpretations to things the rule makers and judges know little or nothing about. Then, based upon how they think things should be, laws are applied to ensure conformity, instituting unusually severe punishment for (Black) violators–as evidenced throughout the history of Black Americans.
            To MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF is a powerful means of intimidation instituted by Euro-Americans during slavery in order for them to maintain their concept of control over Black People. Its original purpose during slavery was to show fellows of the victim what will happen to them for doing the same thing–a “scared straight” into being an “Ideal Slave” concept. It centers on the practice of excessively and inhumanely punishing someone in front of a crowd for doing something. Its raging today’s counterpart in the legal system is called the “New Jim Crow” where Black and Brown people are disproportionately incarcerated or allowed to be killed with the killer’s having the “perfect alibi” based upon the “Stand your ground” law.
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