One part of my Orthopaedic Surgical practice was serving as a police surgeon. In appreciation, I received an honorary membership in the Fraternal Order of Police. Being a police surgeon gave me the opportunity to see ‘up close’ that this is one of the most dangerous occupations. Police officers, by the nature of their profession, routinely come into contact with violent criminals and are often exposed to risky situations. While operating, I saw inside their bodies what can happen to them as a result of their work. I observed them without their swagger and arrogance. I treated what they did to tough criminals and to innocent people. As a physician my duty is to diagnose and treat—and not pass judgment on people. This means I have to look at things as they arewithout an opinion as to whether I like or not something or the people involved. This is the context in which the following discussion on “Killer” Police is given—those really bad policemen who kill people for personal reasons or for “excitement,” or from following Satanist cults. Gathering all of the negativity about policemen might be represented by Leaves on a tree. But there is no hope for improvement or defense until their “Roots”/“Seed” concepts are known. My definition of a Concept is that it originates out of ingredients of Sensations from something entering a human’s senses from the outside world + out of ones memory + from something going on inside ones Selfhood + from ones interpretations of the monitored feedback one gets from outside influences–or a combination of these. Concepts are building blocks of a philosophy and/or of Icon Images.

The beginning seed of an External World derived concept is the acquiring of sensory input as “raw materials” for the formation of Stage I–a Percept–the mental entity of organized Sensations to constitute a “Thing” when it comes into Being-hood–sensations making one aware of something good or bad (like a threat, disturbance in harmony, or atmosphere of danger). Stage II is the Percept’s evolution into a beginning Conceptual state—a maturing Identity. It is heralded by the Implicit (understood though not directly expressed) which consists of vague, hazy, organized Sensations molding ones mind into a sort of better awareness of what is contained or included, though not expressed, in the Sensation of the Percept. However, the Implicit is capable of being implied by inference and without being stated. Stage III is the further advancement of the Implicit into a Notion –a recognizable “what it is”–an “Entity” with a specific nature hinting at the “Thing’s” Identity and its specific attributes. Stage IV is the evolving and further internally developing Percept/Notion into a bud called an “Idea” (‘a becoming’; ‘model’; form). An Idea: 1) is an awareness of specific, particular aspects–e.g. properties, characteristics, traits, features; 2) represents an explicit (‘unfolded’ into clarity)  concept of “Identity“; 3) a patterned quantity of “frozen” energy; and 4) forces shaped into a defined “Thing”–the shape that imparts power. Stage V–a matured idea is the formation of a “Unit” called a Concept. A Concept describes phenomenon (i.e. a phantom, to ‘make visible’ a Contingent Being) lacking life and lacking reality. At the core of this entity is a Disposition containing a ‘payload’ message of the Concept essence’s shared properties, an Inclination, a Temperament, and an Attitude.

A proposed sequence of mental events of concepts for “Killer” Police is: Initially, in the back of their minds, were “Seed” sensations that gave rise to precepts, which in turn, gave rise to Notions, from which Icon Images—some being “stars”–of different destructive natures–were formed. From those Notions and Icon Images a collage of Notions/Concepts became fashioned into a Super-star Icon Image. That Super-star was/is destined to act as the stimulus eventually igniting a Conditioned Response displaying as the killing of innocent and unarmed Black People. Upon facing an appropriate scapegoat situation, the contents of the Disposition of like-kind Notions/Concepts arrange “Killer” policemen mental activities in line with the theme of the Super-Star Icon Image. Then, further supporting factors deemed threatening—truly or falsely–drive ingredients in their minds to be instantly arranged to conform to the ‘blue-print’ fashioned from the Trigger Event (the prior disposition/attitude coloring the present situation). In short, their mindsets are in a state of readiness to think, feel, express, and/or behave in a certain previously conceived manner. Let us look more closely. jabaileymd.com