African Tradition is built on the innate “What it is” of oneself and life living that “Underlie” “how things appear” and “what things do”. “Underlying” contents consist of Nature’s infinite Foundation of Unified complexity and multiplicity Patterns. These rest on the Ultimate of all Cosmic Orders –the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality and the Natural–All Orderly Orchestrated by the boundless Force , which Ancient Africans called Sekhem. This book deals with the Instincts, Common Sense, Creativity, Reasoning, Knowledge and Wisdom faculties naturally developing from ones inborn Pure Emotions and Pure Intellect. Their presented patterns are from my interpretations of African Tradition methods. Yet, vital to Thought Harmony inside Creative explorations of the Infinite “Underlyings”is Critical Thinking- serving like a protective, defending, and guiding “seeing eye” dog.These processes express ones innate Selfhood Greatness- derived from possessing a Spark of God + the Supreme Ancient African “Genetics” + a “Unique” Talent to be a bridge to ones Mission in Life. Proper use of these thinking faculties, while staying within Nature’s Processes, makes one a “Non-Self” individual-meaning: “because we are, therefore I am”- and thus oriented to producing  “ME/WE” benefits. Also addressed are Healing for and Protective measures against the European mindsets and methods used to generate massive Maafas (immeasurable catastrophes) on Black People.




back yard visitors 005BAILEY’S ANCIENT AFRICAN 

                                                            METAPHYSICAL GLOSSARY  VOL 5

African Tradition arose by very Ancient Africans mathematically determining Sekhem (God)–the Cosmic Force–binds all Spiritual creatures and creations (e.g. Nature’s Laws) into a Cosmic Web. That Web’s Spiritual Elements’ Essence of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality and the Natural manifests as Independently working systems inside Cosmic harmony. It’s “Genetic Sameness” indicates Correspondence–i.e. unity in multiplicity. Each System’s Essence Essentials–Character, Characteristics, Traits, and Features–customize its “Unique” Mission. Ones Mission is done by being in charge and control of ones own life–of everything one does–and all situations one is in while daily producing ‘ME/ WE” (“Because we are, therefore I am”) Web benefits. Achieving ones highest (Divinity) Self means ones Soul will vibrate at the same high rate as when one was originally conceived. This book’s purpose is to provide tools for sharpening ones Pre-Birth Emotions and Intellect within the context of African Tradition’s Metaphysical Knowledge. Thus, the focus is on a Thing’s “What it is” arrival into existence, as opposed to Europeans’ teachings of its ‘What it Does” and “How it Appears” Information. Correspondence’s Algebraic equation of using “Knowns” to give insight into Corresponding  Circumstantial (Sample) Unknowns slides one deeper into infinite Knowledge with an ever expanding Consciousness for Creativity. This Glossary’s 2300 word definitions result from 50 years of intense research. $50.00


rekindling,stv 006

REKINDLING BLACK PEOPLE’S GENIUS. This book’s purpose aims to: (1) start giving Black People back their
Ancestors’ super-brilliant history; (2) point out the “who, which, what, when, where, why, and how much” Causes of their “take down” victimization and “keep down” oppression; (3) spotlight the absolute necessity of converting back to our Ancient Ancestor’s “Sun” philosophies to progress out of all African American slavery fashioned poverties; (4) impart suggestions for “How To” Rekindle Black People’s historical birth-gift Genius and Selfhood Greatness; and (5) lay out lifestyle Thriving paths by modeling Ancient Africans’ Supreme Critical Thinking Skills, Talents, and Creativity for Defense, Protection, Offense, and Thriving.—$30.00


Stopping the Violence

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African Tradition for Black Youth: Humans are born with everything needed  to have a thriving and happy life:(A)Selfhood Greatness ingredients(i.e. a drop of God; the “Genetics” of the super-brilliant Ancient African Ancestors and a unique Talent that no one has ever had before or has now or will ever have): (B) a Spiritual
Entourage to serve as advisors with respect to standards, guides, filters and measures for successfully maneuvering through life; and (C) Spiritual Emotions and Intellect to deal with “Heart” and “Head” aspects of life. The requirements are for each human to remain within the Spiritual Elements–Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality and the Natural–and evolve all of ones choices, decisions, and solutions out of them. By so doing, one is provided with the Spiritual “5 Ss”—Safety, security, Sureness (Self-Confidence),  Strength and Stability. These are what underlie what everyone is searching for in life–and their absence is the bottom line of all people “acting ugly” and being in gangs, This book’s focus is on developing ones Private Self and ones Rational Thinking skills so as to:(1) provide steps for regaining or maintaining ones Real Self birth gift; (2) provide methods for shedding ones False Self; and (3) put youth on the “Good Life” path


POST-TRAUMATIC DISTRESS SYNDROME IN BLACK PEOPLE- Those afflicted have allowed a Cloud to cover their birth-gift of Selfhood Greatness as a result of deficiencies in their Spiritual Human Nature Needs (e.g. to be loved, to belong). This book gives the diagnosis and management of both in the setting of the Metaphysical aspects which characterized Black People-$30.00


2013-04-23_12-00-01_23I Am a Special Somebody is for anyone having strayed away from his/her destination in life and yet still possesses the intense desire to get back on the path and then head toward happiness.

2013-04-23_11-53-13_316Self-Esteem in Black Americans presented from a historical perspective, is extensively discussed from the dawn of mankind to the present. Nine major syndromes prominently found in Black people are featured—and with suggestions on how to improve each.

2013-04-23_11-55-27_30Echoes of Ancient African Values discusses who Ancient Africans were as a people; their genius and creative ways of thinking; their philosophical and spiritual foundations; their world shaping achievements; and how these echo into today’s Black Americans.– $30.00

2013-04-23_11-52-42_292Preparing to Prepare ( is about implanting seed ideas of a good character nature. Lesson plans are plentiful to serve as a guideline for stimulating ideas and methods to help youth achieve their dreams and talents for a balanced, mature, and wealthy life.– $28.00

2013-04-23_11-52-07_494Good Character ( explains the history of 50 traits and discusses in practical terms the skills needed to instill or develop good character. These traits are fundamental for achieving a successful and happy life.–$30.00

2013-04-23_11-54-53_236Becoming a Champion Somebody provides the “nuts & bolts” of choosing ones legacy dream, discovering ones talent, and becoming a successful person. The approach a systematic 9 step process– called the 9Ps—is based on practical experiences of many people. It is designed to help youth in identifying and pursing their goal in a way that applies to any career or for adults keen on achieving even greater success.

2013-04-23_12-01-12_259American Crime From A Black American Perspectivepoints out the USA conspiracy against Black males; exposes who the real (non- Black) criminals are; and explores in detail the course of Black males likely to be pushed into and then be destroyed as they go through the unfair prison system.

2013-04-23_12-04-04_507Manhood in Black Americansclassifies the nine broad types of manhood and gives approaches and methods to structuring male children and restructuring the orientation of youth who are off the path that is best for them. Both are mainly directed toward single mothers.

2013-04-23_12-03-11_239Afrocentric English and Critical Thinkingis a book designed for making these subjects more interesting for Black youth from a Yin/Yang perspective. This traces the history of African languages through Europe and on into the Americas up to the present. A full discussion is given on Black English, Ebonics, and the special ways Black Americans use both. The stories of 25 key words required for formal English are given.

2013-04-23_11-56-18_737Enslaved Minds in Black Americans starts with their origin in slavery and with contributions from “bad” African retentions. Numerous patterns of enslaved minds are then given (e.g. procrastination), with extensive comments on their diagnoses and management.

2013-04-23_11-58-13_652Common Sense inside African Tradition  centers on how it developed and was used by Ancient Africans and how it can be developed and used in Black American children. For this to happen requires the cultivation of pure feelings and poetic thinking of African Tradition. The approaches for teaching are out of mathematics, art, literature, and games.

2013-04-23_12-00-44_34Anger in Black Americansis the primary emotion related to racism. Though entirely justified, it is self-destructive for daily living. This book points out why and offers a variety of detailed management approaches for a variety of chronic anger types–approach which have a track record of effectiveness.

2013-04-23_12-04-27_412Creativity, Invention, and Discoveriesemphasizes ways to cultivate each in children, reactivate them in those who have fallen into a rigid predictable pattern of living, and remove limitations on those desiring to explore new worlds. Methods are presented for practical application on how to see the uncommon in the common and the common in the uncommon.

2013-04-23_11-59-33_709Rising above Povertyis about changing the belief system of those who chronically struggle in life. For Black Americans this means switching from an Enslaved Mind belief system to that laid out in African Tradition because its brilliance has stood the test of time. This switch is followed by correcting self-defeating bad habits which are spin-offs from bad beliefs.

2013-04-23_11-54-25_342Selfhood Mastery inside African Tradition is a guide for creating, enhancing, and maintaining the Inner Strength and Inner Peace that leads to contentment and happiness. It emphasizes stabilizing your inner self and maintaining it by Mental Toughness in order to remain in control and be alert while dealing with life’s most difficult problems.

2013-04-23_12-00-16_569Managing Emotions is a work that has arisen out of experiences from patients in my orthopaedic surgical practice, from personal happenings, and from a lifetime involvement with the struggling poor (whose bad emotional contents differ from the population at large). There are long discussions on Good and Pleasure Emotions. To aid ones understanding of Good and Bad Emotions and to make easier customized management, stories of 116 emotions are presented.

2013-04-23_11-55-58_639Supreme Thinking of Ancient Africansis presented for the first time and is the result of 25 years of research. It tells how Ancient Africans taught their students; explores the details of the ten steps of Rational Thinking; and gives the steps for becoming a Visionary by means of Poetic Thinking.

2013-04-23_12-02-33_427Rational Thinking is the result of how the author learned to think over a 40 year period, particularly in the Medical/Legal arena, but is applicable to every aspect of life. It is geared to teenagers and emphasizes pictures helpful for thinking about personal problem solving. It is the author’s signature book.

2013-04-23_12-04-45_149Afrocentric Critical Thinking is any form of Productive Thinking consisting of a collection of mental disciplinesthat draw on wise and pertinent lessons of the past to achieve a goal in the present and/or the future. The uniqueness of this book is that it mentally guides Black people in maneuvering through the Eurocentric marketplace for offensive and defensive purpose.

2013-04-23_12-03-31_555Special Minds among Struggling Black Americansdiscusses what the struggling Blacks need in order to break up their vicious cycles. For them to rise above poverty requires shedding delusions and stubbornness; establishing a sound Ancient African philosophy of life and worldview; and perfecting Left and Right Brain thinking skills (e.g. foresight, forethought) by critical and rational thinking.

2013-04-23_11-58-00_858From Africa to Black Power by Joseph A. Bailey Sr. traces the history of Black Americans through African American slavery from 1433 to 1964. Emphasized is that of the economic, political, human aspects. It is the best work I have ever read on the subject.

2013-04-23_11-51-20_686Word Stories Originated By Ancient Africans contains 1000+ life-changing and life-shaping words that are now prominent in the English Language. They give an overview of African Tradition, philosophy, and practices.–$50.00

2013-04-23_11-48-19_712Word Stories Surrounding African American Slavery contains 2000+ words related to and spoken by Black Americans throughout USA History.–$50.00

2013-04-23_12-02-06_878Self Protection Syndrome is self-defeating Slave Survivals characterized by “Too Much,” “Too Little,” or “Just Right” but somehow inappropriate behaviors. Suggestions include helping afflicted Black Americans switch back to using their Thriving Minds; reducing or preventing the need for improper self-protection; and how to feel safe, secure, confident, strong, and stable.

2013-04-23_12-01-30_411Black Americans Entering the Marketplace speaks to preparing for marketplace success, including essential offensive and defensive practices.–$30.00

2013-04-23_11-46-06_499Unlocking Minds of Black Boys concerns what it takes to remove the Enslaved Minds of Black boys from their Mental Vaults so as to be mentally free to receive constructive information.$30.00

2013-04-23_11-46-41_727Mentoring Minds of Black Boys discusses building blocks of Ancient African Philosophy; how to change Belief Systems with Symbols; Art and Music as mind stimulants; Abstract Thinking; Self-Esteem; Ancient African Mathematics; and Diagnosing and Managing Chronic Juggling.–$30.00

2013-04-23_11-50-03_768Word Stories Encyclopaedia (Afrocentric Vol. III) has 2300 words for teaching youth Word Stories in the easiest, fastest, and most pleasant way in order to learn well-rounded information. These stories generate curiosity, imagination, and an eagerness to learn.



Ancient African Bible Messages– Very Ancient African Religion/Spirituality/Philosophy formed the African Bible. For 198,000 years it was the world’s only Bible, stressing Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and Naturalness in Character, daily living, and people relationships as the path to the Heaven Afterlife. Thereafter, it’s borrowed messages were diluted, polluted, and switched while being fashioned into the world’s major religions and philosophies. The Bible of Enslaved African Americans combined the King James’ African and Aryan messages with imagination ingenuity so as to serve as a “Tow-Rope” for enduring their hellish “Trials/Tribulations and for their “Negro Church” philosophy.
1.) Spotlight the destructive Aryan messages in the European Bible and show how they keep many Black American’s minds encaged.
2.) Let people know the African Bible exists and with approaches for stopping today’s vicious cycle living, for getting on the “Truth-Track,” and for guidance toward the Heaven Afterlife.
3.) Explain how the following philosophical building blocks of the African Tradition steers one to “Be Right”, “Recognize Right,” “Make Things Right,” and ” Defend the Right.”
4.) Engender in Black People a sense of pride in the profound cultural, intellectual, and spiritual achievements of our “super-brilliant” Ancient African Ancestors.











Leadership Critical Thinking in African Tradition: elaborates on how to orchestrate survival, protection, and preservation under physical, emotional, thoughtful, social, financial, and relationship conditions; on spotlighting standards, filters, and guiding thriving ways for self-help and/or helping others; and on providing mental fun as play, a sport, a dance–$25.00.


Private Selfhood Greatness in Black Americans: The Certainty upon which a human’s Base and Foundation rests is their Selfhood Greatness consisting of a “Drop of God,” super-brilliant Ancient African Ancestors’ Genetics, and one unique Talent. Personal Integrity is maintained by cultivating these three to their greatest potential while remaining inside the context of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural–as discussed in this book–$30.00

**All books can be reviewed and ordered at** THE PRICES OF THE BOOKS ARE $20.00 EXCEPT THOSE LABELED OTHERWISE




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