BLACK-ON-BLACK VIOLENCE OVERVIEW (1)
            The overall category of Black-on-Black violence is that of Self-Esteem–itself in a terrible state of confusion. The C15 English word “Esteem” is fashioned from: (1)  “Regard” (recognizing ones own achievements of value and/or worth); (2) “Respect” (ranking a given achievement on the proper rung of the Ladder of Importance); and (3) “Appreciation” (the degree of pleasantness of ones ranked achievements). These three refer to ones earned achievements in such aspects as personal qualities; natural and acquired quantities; insight; thoughts; creativity; character related behaviors; and/or work products. When “Esteem” was associated with the “Self” (African for “spirit”), the term Self-Esteem was created. One European dictionary defines Self-Esteem as “pride in oneself; self-respect”; a medical dictionary does not define it; and a psychology dictionary says it is “a state of being on good terms with one’s superego. Pathological loss of self-esteem is characteristic of clinical depression.” Note these “authorities'” philosophical orientations focus only on the Physical World–i.e. limiting Self-Esteem to the Secular type and then formulating rules about it. Of course, these “authorities” are on the wrong track coming out of the starting gate.
            These definitions are grossly incomplete concepts since they simply deal with “authorities” opinions about a piece of what they are only able to see. Then they give conflicting opinions about that piece. This is dangerous because those dumb concepts are used to devastatingly label and wrongly manage their victims. In other words, they define what they know nothing about and devise “proof” for their emotional self-interest purposes in order to guide results as they want it to be. Thus, a Black patient might be labeled as having “Self-Hate” inside “Low Self-Esteem.” I have never made such an assessment about any Black person but am not saying it does not exist. Yet, if it does not exist then any imparted management fails to address the core issue–hence destructive to victims.
            Although no one knows what Self-Esteem is, the ‘big picture’ as I see it pertaining to Black People, is that humans have a birth gift of Spiritual Self-Esteem–located in ones Private Self (the home of ones Soul, Character, Self-Esteem) as well as an acquired Secular Self-Esteem (located in ones Public Self). Both forms, like a diamond crystal’s octahedron, have many “faces”–and the completeness/incompleteness of each type depends upon how many of those “faces” are handled/mishandled, and in what manner. Let us suppose ones Self-Esteem looks like an octahedron–i.e. a polyhedron–i.e. 3-D shaped as two rectangular pyramids (a rectangular pyramid has a base of a square or rectangle) having 8 faces, with each face being an equilateral triangle and thus making for 12 edges. Imagine your Soul and “Heart” in the center of this crystal, with the Soul pointing one way and the “Heart” pointing the opposite way. Both the Soul and the “Heart” have influences on each of the 8 faces. In the way an octopus uses its 8 tentacles, ones Spiritual Self-Esteem uses its tentacles on each face to deal with Survival, Thriving, and heading toward a Mission in life. Unless one gives permission or personally forms a “Cloud” over it, no one can alter ones Self-Identity (Soul) because it is permanently and eternally fixed.
            If one allows ones Selfhood Greatness to drop out of sight from ones Soul being “Clouded Over” by problems of life, then ones self-destructive Secular Self-Esteem–run by ones False Self–takes over the control of ones life. The key to Spiritual and Secular Self-Esteem’s health or disease centers primarily on ones Spiritual Human Nature Needs (SHNN) and Physical Human Nature Needs (PHNN). Those with “Broken Brains” are overwhelmed by deficiencies in their SHNN which, in turn, brings in “Clouds” to cover their “Soul Sunshine” and thereby lose its Selfhood orchestrating influence. The resultant “Broken Brain”–which has nothing to do with being bad or dumb–is heavily influenced by what is brought in from the “Outer World” by ones Secular Self-Esteem. Typically there is one “Raw Nerve” spotlighted that causes the shift from the Spiritual to the Secular Selfhood orchestration. The attitude of one with a “Broken Brain” is that “I must protect/hide myself from everybody and so its me against the world.” This causes self-absorption in the way a turtle withdraws into its shell when perceiving to be under attack–then lives in that inner world.
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