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Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS, was reared in Wilson and Greensboro, North Carolina where he became an Eagle Scout (twice). Then he attended the University of Michigan, Morehouse College, and Meharry Medical School; interned at Los Angeles County General Hospital; and as a USA Air Force captain in the Philippines was chief of the Family Practice Clinic in charge of 10,000 troops and their families. On off-duty hours he helped care for wounded soldiers flown in from Viet Nam. Dr. Bailey’s Orthopaedic surgical training was at Hahnemann University Hospital (Philadelphia); Elizabethtown Hospital for Crippled Children (Pennsylvania); and the Hospital of Joint Diseases (New York). A Medical Genetics and Orthopaedics fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical Center was followed by an assistant professorship at the University of Connecticut and, simultaneously, was chief of Orthopaedics at Newington Veterans Hospital in Connecticut. During this time he devised several new operations; invented orthopaedic appliances; published 35 articles for medical journals; and authored four medical textbooks–one a classic textbook on Dwarfisms; and another, a first of its kind medical-legal dictionary.

            Since retiring in 2000–after 40 years in an Orthopaedic Surgery/Orthopaedic Medicine/Orthopaedic Genetics private practice–he has devoted his life to helping struggling Black Youth. This involvement has included setting up 10 Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops; founding a “Concerned Black Men” organization; donating a building for use as a Black History museum; endowing an American Humanities and African American History chair at California State University in Los Angeles; writing 32 books (designed to help Black Youth think critically and rationally in handling personal problems and thriving in life)–including a 3 volume Black History Word-Story Encyclopedia and Ancient African Bible Messages; publishing 10 articles in Black American journals on topics like Self-Esteem and Offensive Language; being a weekly columnist for Black Newspapers over 20 years; and generating a Black History website with 500+ articles. Some of his awards include: The African Elder Chair and Humanitarian recognition. Dr. Bailey’s most outstanding contributions are discoveries: (1) concerning Dwarfism, making him a world authority; (2) on how Black Youth use their Emergency (“fight or flight”) brain on a permanent basis; (3) on probable brain generated causes of “Negro Diseases”; (4) a new teaching method for Black youth dealing with the stories of words.

                                                                    CURRICULUM VITAE
Website: JAB@JABLIFESKILLS.COM–presently down
JULY 22, 2014
NAME:                                         JOSEPH A. BAILEY II, M.D., F.A.C.S.
PLACE OF BIRTH:                     Pine Bluff, Arkansas


 Consultant in Orthopaedic Genetics Hospital for Joint  Diseases and Medical Center, New York, New York 1968 onward
Consultant of DuPuy Manufacturing Company (Traction  Suspension Appliances) 1966
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of  Connecticut Health Center, Hartford, Connecticut 1969­1971
Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery Veterans Administration Hospital Newington, Connecticut (Part of  University of Connecticut) 1969-­1971
Consulting Staff in Pediatric Orthpaedics, Newington, CT  1969-­1971
Team Physician to the University of Connecticut, Sports  Department, Storrs, Connecticut, 1969­-1971


EDUCATION:                  Undergraduate Studies University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 1953
                                         Morehouse College, (B.S. Degree) Atlanta Georgia 1955 – 1957
                                         Meharry Medical School (M.D. Degree) Nashville, Tennessee 1957-­1961
EXTERNSHIP:                             1.)Riverside Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Nashville Tennessee 
                                                     2.)Sloan­-Kettering (Cancer) Memorial Hospital, New York, New York, 1961
  INTERNSHIP:                             Los Angeles County General Hospital Los Angeles, California, 1961-­1962 Rotating Internship
 MILITARY:                                 United States Air Force (Captain) Clark AFB, Philippines 1962-­1964
 ORTHOPAEDIC RESIDENCY: Hahnemann Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1964-­1966
(Chief Resident during second year of Residency)
State Hospital for Crippled Children (An affiliate of Hahnemann Hospital) Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (Chief Resident during last six months) 1966-­1968
Hospital for Joint Diseases New York, New York Senior Resident 1967-­1968
FELLOWSHIPS: Division of Medical Genetics and Division of Orthopaedics; The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland 1968­-1969
SOCIETIES: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (1954)
ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS: Eagle Scouts Award (twice) from Boy Scouts of America (1953)
Diplomats, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons (1971)
Independent Medical Examiner for the State of California (1972)
President of the Orthopaedic Section of. the National Medical Association (1972)
President of the Medical-­Legal Committee San Bernardino Co. Medical Society (1973)
Community Leader Award from Noteworthy Americans (1978)
–  Honorary Member of Orthopaedic Technicians (1978) Humanitarian Award (2001)
 He donated the culminating gift to establish the Joseph A. Bailey II, M.D. Endowed Chairs of the American Communities Program, funded through the Challenge Grant Program of NEH-matched contributions. A second portion of the gift has established a component focusing on African-American culture and history, including internal migration. A third portion of the ACP Endowment is dedicated to the study of Jewish American Experiences. (2005)
Awarded the African Elder Chair at the 19th Annual African Holocaust Commemoration (2010)
“My Brother’s Keeper Award “-African Focus, Inc.-(2014)
And numerous awards from community organizations for his involvement in Youth   Mentoring
1.      A dynamic heel cord stretching brace for cerebral palsy.
2.      A ringless  traction-­suspension splint. (made by DuPuy Manufacturing Company).
 3.      A special traction suspension design for disoriented patients with a fractured femur.
 4.      Modification of a Towel Sling.
 5.      Ankle-­foot sling for spastic adult clubfoot (a surgical operation).
6.      A bony operation for foot ulcers
 PUBLISHED BOOKS:                                    
 I. “Disproportionate Short Stature Diagnosis and Management” W. B. Saunders & Co. (1973)
 II.    The Handbook for Worker’s Compensation Doctors” (1994)
 III. “Medical-­Legal Dictionary” (1996)
  Bailey Sr., JA.  From Africa to Black Power. Livermore, California: 2008.
Bailey II, JA: Private Selfhood Greatness in Black Americans.
                      North Charleston, South Carolina: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2013
Bailey II, J.A. (2013): Leadership Critical Thinking in African Tradition.
                                     Mira Loma, California:  Parker Publishing Inc.
Bailey II, JA. Ancient African Bible Messages. Inglewood, Ca.: Reflections Publishing House 2013
Bailey II, JA.  Word Stories Encyclopaedia.  Livermore, California:   Wing Span Press, 2012.
Bailey II, JA. Mentoring Minds of Black Boys.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2011.
Bailey II, JA. Unlocking Minds of Black Boys.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2011.
Bailey II, JA. Black Americans Entering the Marketplace.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2010.
Bailey II, JA. Self-Protection Syndrome In Black Americans.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2010.
Bailey II, JA.  Word Stories Surrounding African American Slavery.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2010.
Bailey II, JA.  Word Stories Originated by Ancient Africans.  Livermore, California: Wing   Span    Press, 2009.
Bailey, II, JA.  Offensive Language Afflicts Black Youth’s Psyche. 
                        The Western Journal of Black Studies, Vol. 30, No. 3,2006 p142-154
Bailey II, JA.  Afrocentric Critical Thinking, Livermore, California: Wing Span Press 2008.
Bailey II, JA.  Freeing Enslaved Minds in Black Americans, Livermore, California:, 2006.
Bailey II, JA.  The Foundation Of Self-Esteem.  J. Natl. Med. Assoc. 2003; 95: 388-393.               
Bailey II, JA. A Classification of Black-American Self-Esteem; J. Natl. Med. Assoc. 2004; 96:         23-28. 
Bailey II JA.  Echoes of Ancient African Values, Bloomington, Indiana: Authorhouse, 2005.
Bailey II JA.  Good Character, Canada: Trafford, 2004 ( 1-888-232-4444).
Bailey II JA. The Handbook for Worker’s Compensation Doctors. California: I.C.E. Publishers, 1994.
Bailey II, JA.  Afrocentric English and Critical Thinking, Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2006.
Bailey II, JA.  American Crime From A Black American Perspective, Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2006.
Bailey II, JA.  Anger In Black Americans.  Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2006.               
Bailey II, JA.  Becoming a Champion Somebody, Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2006.
Bailey II, JA.  Black Voice News, Riverside, California: (
Bailey II, JA.  Common Sense Inside African Tradition, Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2006.
Bailey II, JA.  Creativity, Invention & Discovery, Livermore, California: 2007.
Bailey II, JA.  Deceptive Orthopaedic Patients.  Unpublished, 1995.
Bailey II, JA.  Disproportionate Short Stature — Diagnosis and Management, Philadelphia: W.B. Sanders Co., 1973.
Bailey II, JA.  I Am A Special Somebody, California:, 2005.
Bailey II, JA.  Manhood in Black Americans; Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2006.         
Bailey II, JA.  Preparing to Prepare, Teacher’s Guide, Lincoln, Ne:iUniverse, 2005.
Bailey II, JA.  Rising Above Poverty. Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2007
Bailey II, JA.  Managing Emotions. Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2007
Bailey II, JA.  Selfhood Mastery. Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2007
Bailey II, JA.  Self-Esteem in Black Americans, Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2005.
Bailey II, JA. Self-Esteem Masqueraders in Struggling Black Americans; Accepted for publication in the Journal of Black Studies in the Fall of 2005.
Bailey II, JA. Self-Image, Self Concept, and Self-Identity Revisited. J. Natl. Med. Assoc. 2003; 95: 383-386.
Bailey II, JA. The Concise Dictionary of Medical-Legal Terms; London: The Parthenon Publishing Group, 1998.
Bailey II, JA.  Supreme Thinking—Rational, Poetic,& Visionary—of Ancient Africans.
                       Livermore, California: Wing Span Press, 2008. (
Bailey II, JA.  Rational Thinking. Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2008
Bailey II, JA.  Special Minds Among Struggling Black Americans. Livermore, CA: Wing Span Press, 2009
Bailey II, JA. The Purpose of Education: in Smylie MA. Why Do We Educate? Voices From The Conversation.
                      Volume   107, Issue 2 Malden, Massachusetts: Wiley-Blackwell 2008
 Hahnemann Hospital–Elevation of the Upper Limb by Means of a Simple Towel-Sling–Journal National Medical  Association, May 1966
 Balanced Traction-­Suspension for a Fractured Femur in a Thrashing Patient–Clinical Orthopaedics Vol. 51 April 1967
 State Hospital For Crippled Children–Congenital Orthopaedic Deformities Bailey, J. A., II
           Journal National Medical  Asso. –May 1967
 A Dynamic Heel Cord Stretching Brace  Bailey, J. A., II and Davis, Dorothy — American Journal Physical Therapy       Association September 1967
Gross Anatomy of a Congenitally Deformed Limb Bailey, J. A., II, Schulman, L., and Smith R. Bulletin Hospital for Joint Diseases April 1968
A Ringless Traction ­Suspension Splint For the Lower Limb Bailey, J. A., II
       Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery July 51A: 1012, 1969
Johns Hopkins Hospital
A Brief History of Dwarfism Bailey, J. A., II and Bailey, Joselyn
Submitted to the Little People of America National Handbook
*Orthopaedic Aspects of Achondroplasia Bailey, J.A., II
     Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 52A: 1285, 1974
Metatropic Dwarfism Bailey, J. A., II and Dorst, J. P.: Saunderson, R. W.
The National Foundation ­ March of Dimes Clinical
Delineation of Birth Defects Part IV
Skeletal Dysplasias ­ Pages 376­381, 1969
University of Connecticut
Orthopaedic Management of Dwarfism Recognizable at Birth Bailey, J. A., II, and Joselyn, Bailey
Bulletin of Hospital of Joint Diseases 31:27­30, 1970
Traction, Suspensions and a Ringless Splint Bailey, J. A., II
   American Journal of Nursing 70:1724­5, 1970
The Nurse’s Role in Recognizing Dwarfs at Birth
 Bailey, J. A., II, and Palmatier, J. A.
 Nursing Clinics of North America 6:559­562, 1971
*Radiological Findings in Progeria Reichel, W; Bailey, J. A., II et al
   American Geriatrics Society 19:657, 1971
Elbow and Other Upper Limb Deformities In Achondroplasia
Bailey, J. A., II
Clinical Orthopaedics 80:75, 1971
The Role of the General Practitioner in Recognizing Dwarfs at Birth
 Bailey, J.A., II and Bailey, Joselyn
 Connecticut State Medical Journal January 1971
The New Experimental Approach to Chronic Osteomyelitis
 Bailey, J. A., II
 Journal of National Medical Association 63:213, 1971
Three Life­Shaping Questions Bailey, J. A., II
 AAB Engineering 1999
**Summary of Orthopaedic Aspects of Achondroplasia Bailey, J. A., II
 Published in Review of Surgery 1970
Recognizing Dwarfs at Birth Bailey, J. A., II
 Family Physician/GP
 3:96­97, 1971
Lethal and Semilethal Forms of Dwarfisms Bailey, J. A., II
 Journal of the National Medical Association September 1971
Congenital Atlanto-axial Dislocation in Various Forms of Dwarfism
 Kopits, S. E.; Perovic, M.; McKusick, V. A,; Robinson,R. A., and Bailey, J. A., II
 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 1972
Orthopaedic Aspects of the Ellis van Syndrome Milgram, J. W. and Bailey, J. A., II
 Bulletin for the Hospital of Joint Diseases 26:11­19, 1975
*Lead Article
**By Request of the Editor
Topics include Juvenile Dorsal Kyphosis, Congenital Anomalies (upper and lower limbs, and spine), Traction­Suspensions, Dwarfisms, Orthopaedic Genetic Conditions, Neck Problems in Dwarfs, Osteoblastoma of Femur, An Operation for Adult Spastic Clubfoot.
Medical­Legal aspects of Orthopaedics, Apportionment, Anomalies of the Low Back, Classification of Orthopaedic Patients, Introduction to Surgery, etc
1.      University of California Riverside, Medical School as a Clinical Instructor.
2.      Teaching Inner­City Youth in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, CA since 1986
3.      Mentor Program Member for California State Polytechnic Institute, Science Students Since 1989
4.      *Director and Instructor of Life Skills Courses for the Los Angeles Conservation Corps since May 1993
5.      Weekly column in The Black Voice News since 1995; Los Angeles Post since January 2014
In 1972 Joseph A. Bailey, H, M. D. (Meharry, (1961) was named chairman elect of the Orthopaedic Section during the 77`h Annual Meeting of the NMA in Kansas City, Missouri. The 1973 meeting was held in New York City. Bailey was national Chairman and Raymond O. Pierce, M.D. (Meharry, was cochairman. Bailey, who trained at Hahnemann Hospital, The Hospital for Joint Diseases, and Johns Hopkins University Hospital, distinguished himself by becoming the first African­ American Orthopaedic Surgeon to publish a textbook in the field of Orthopaedics.
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