Since age 5, I have secretly dreamed of a school located on an isolated 100-acre farm next to a body of water where Bright Black Boys are laughing while learning. On the way to being “Somebody” their eyes beam during heated discussions at morning “Family Talks” on Afrocentric history and Ancient African Tradition. After each boy eagerly advocates his opinion, then with an intense curiosity and desire for learning he argues for the opposite of his former position. Instead of finding fault, everyone supports each other and offers constructive comments. Several buildings provide housing and classrooms. The school’s approaches and methods for these residential middle and high schoolers are based on the African Age-set system (Bailey, Manhood). On the farm each boy cleans up the grounds, takes care of his own animals, cultivates his own garden, and gains practical experience in leading, following, and active participation. Physical fitness emphasizes self-discipline and self-control cultivation through martial arts. Non-work time is spent meditating or quietly flowing with, listening to, and enjoying Nature. Television watching and other electronic devices (not including computers), if earned, is only 3 hours a week. Providing help to the elderly and to the truly needy are mandatory. The general curriculum is based upon the realization that far too many struggling Black boys are unconsciously driven by negative inner forces — forces originating in African American slavery — forces driving them to believe self-destructive information and disbelieve Truth. What is required is to reverse these forces and their effects; to replace their self-defeating habits with building blocks of Ancient African Philosophy; and to provide productive substitutes for their “Escapes” from the harshness of their lives. Obviously, these must go on at the same time but for mentoring purposes a structural program is needed — a program sufficiently flexible to meet the uniqueness of each and his situation in a manner to which he can relate.
            The Objective: Guide boys to be “Somebody”;
            The Informational Frame: Sankofa (return to African Tradition to learn how to prepare in the present in order to go forward into the future and thrive);
            The Bonding type is the African Age-Set System (“All for one and one for all);          The Tow-rope is Brief History vignettes of Ancient African brilliance (How Black Boys are like these Ancestors). This requires frequent compliments and Unconditional Love.
     Phase I: the way today’s struggling Black boys use their brains–i.e. the Emergency Brain on a permanent basis instead of their Thriving Brain–is the foundational base for the “Certain Sameness” present in all of these boys. Also, as a direct result of the impact of slavery the following occurred to each Slave:
(1) A Philosophical Disconnection from the Cosmic Helping Hands and therefore from the Law of Sympathy (all God’s creations and creatures are spiritually connected no matter how remote in time or space) and therefore from the Spiritual Energy supplied by God and therefore from the “5Ss” (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability). These disconnections caused their African Philosophical structure and their internalized features of African Tradition to fall into shambles.
(2) From being overwhelmed by the power of the GUN + cruelty from the evil European captors + the lack of Needy Want (Soul) nourishment (Bailey, Unlocking Minds), the Slaves were susceptible to being Brain-washed.
(3) From being Brainwashed + the loss of the “5Ss” + the loss of faith in the Law of Sympathy + the loss of belief in the Cosmic Helping Hands, the Slaves developed Delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real).
(4) From the structure of African Tradition falling into shambles, afflicted Slaves became Disorderly in Thinking Skills.
(5) From the Brain Switch + being Brainwashed + Delusions + loss of orderly thinking skills the Slaves developed Self-Defeating Mindsets.
(6) The Brain Switch + Philosophical Disconnections + loss of African “5Ss”  + brainwashing + a lack of desire to work for the evil captors thereby fashioned in the Slaves a shift from Spiritual Energy powering their daily living activities to Emotional Energy
(7) To avenge the hell to which they were being subjected, the Slaves engaged in Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistance. Selfhood Armor is inner avengement (e.g. “White man, you may enslave my body but you cannot enslave the rest of me”). Outer avengement was called Slave Resistance (e.g. procrastination, moving and working slowly). Both Selfhood Armor and Slave Resistance worked well for the Slaves but became Self-Defeating Habits when culturally transferred out of slavery and on into today’s struggling descendants. Another way this shows is Black boys have so much game they do not use. They must open up their power source.
The effects of these seven have been the cause of them being on the negative scale present in all struggling Black Boy both behaviorally and physically (e.g. experiencing an excessive outpouring of hormones which affect the physical body to cause strokes, heart attacks, and premature death).
            Phase II pertains to what do to bring about a Brain Switch + how to relieve its associated self-defeating thoughts, feelings, expressions, and behaviors + how to replace the “Escapes” from the hellish lives of struggling Black boys. This collage of problems is discussed in my 27 books on Black Americans. Some must be dealt with privately with each boy while the rest can be dealt with in group sessions. To be spotlighted is Ancient African philosophy (for inner stability and mental toughness) because a sound Philosophy of Life is the foundational mindset to correcting all of the boys’ problems and to launch them on the path to a successful destination. Included here is Character; Paradigms, and Self-Esteem development. Next is emphasizing:
            The Private Self — e.g. resolving personal, interpersonal, and society problems by internalizing 25 foundational blocks of Ancient African Philosophy; shedding delusions and anger; self-mastery (personal problems, bad emotions, criticisms and defeats); and developing a free mind,  “pure” feelings, concentration, curiosity, creativity, wit and humor.
            The Public Self: Afrocentric academia in a congenial atmosphere; Removal of Slave Survivals
            Phase III is discovering how can Phase II information be conveyed to the boys so they will receive and internalize it. My book: Unlocking Minds of Black Boys addresses this.
            SHED: Emotional Junk (e.g. chronic anger, worthlessness); loss of Emotional Control; removing mind-trapping Belief Systems through novel applications of Symbols and the Truth; correcting self-defeating Slave Survival bad habits and lifestyles; the part you play in causing your problems. This involves managing your mood (not letting it drop and keeping up intensity from moment to moment) and if it drops, start moving your feet.
            FORTIFICATION: Foundational is FOCUS. Then comes Mental Discipline (e.g. Keep Your Word); Rational and Critical Thinking (applied to Personal and Professional Situations); Basic Thinking Tools illustrated with games or by assembling a model (e.g. skyscraper building) applied to each boy’s major problem.
            TAKING ACTION: Forgiveness; Buy Your Peace; Motivation cultivation by switching to Spiritual Energy from Emotional Energy
            Phase IV is stimulating the minds of Black boys by creating, enhancing, and maintaining the Brain Switch reversal back to a Thriving Brain. This is addressed in my book: Mentoring Minds of Black Boys. The introduction starts with Art, Music, Dance, Poetry that expands into the Humanities and African Mathematics. Associated with this are bi-monthly field trips; discussing daily a new word — for vocabulary building (since this explodes the boundaries for creativity and thought). Besides, learning the stories of words provides the broadest scope, the most interesting, and the greatest amount of information in the fastest way while taking an enjoyable magic carpet ride to wonderful places and cultures inside various nations throughout the ages. Publishing articles opens each student to self expression, to research, and to the free and effective exchange of ideas.
            Phase V: The “oil” that smoothes the way to Thriving in life is called Life-skills, as elaborated upon in my book: Life-Skills For Black Boys. What is featured is for each boy to discover his SECRET DREAM & TALENT for application to career and legacy life purposes whereby each can find its most productive niche with a high degree of Efficiency and Effectiveness. To these ends the boys need a Life-Skill Worker, counseling and courses. Of equal importance is thorough knowledge concerning Family; Manhood (e.g. a Man’s rightful place); Gentleness in dealing with Women, Children, and wherever Compassion is required; Manners; Self-Protection; good health; home maintenance, cooking, parenting; interpersonal skills (e.g. intra-Black social harmony and in listening without an opinion); providing Respect; in honoring Parents; and in choosing a mate and marriage partner;.
Phase VI: Marketplace Success deals with each boy knowing how to work; developing a Business sense and an excellent product; and dealing with the competition. Obviously, Money is major, as in how to make money, how to save money, how to get paid; and how to spend it wisely in business and in life-style stability for immediate, intermediate, and long term needs, wants, and luxuries. Peripheral issues include such personal skills in grooming as haircuts, clothes, eye glasses as well as such work related skills as public speaking, and computer competency. These and other topics have been discussed in my book on the Marketplace.
Working in top gear—whether alone during tough times; as a group to increase cooperation and fun; in helping the slowest catch up; and doing it enthusiastically and urgently — allows a boy time to help others do their job. Exposure to other’s problems improves decision/solution skills. Marketplace success focuses on creating and setting-up jobs (e.g. small appliance repair) and products for sale in the poorest parts of the Black Community.
With profits from selling vegetables, flowers, and dairy products, 60% goes for each boy’s college education; 30% to help support him in school; and 10% for spending. Big business is invited to establish contact with a youth and pay for his college education. In exchange, the youth works five years post-college for them.
Once established in life, each graduate is obliged to set up programs to help other struggling youth. The over-all objective is to make excellence routine so as to prepare students for the most outstanding colleges, for the toughest careers, and for being the best family man.
Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS
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