ARI (AFRICAN)/KARMA (INDIA)  (1)

Today’s popular term Karma (East India) or Iri (Sanskrit) is from the African word Ari-Meskhenet—ones intent, deeds, or actions lead to like-kind experiences or consequences. The Ancient African Sage Meri-ka-ra added: “An action is repaid by its like, and to every action there is a consequence” (to follow closely). Thus, there are Ari of Merit (living a Ma’at life) and Ari of Demerit (an anti-Spiritual Elements life)—neither one punishes nor rewards. Both are simply about “you reap what you sow” or “what goes around comes around.” Instead, Ari is the one Universal Law which guides unerringly and blindly all other Laws productive of certain Effects along the grooves of their respective causations. It is up to the individual to accept such doctrines as Ari, in part, or in whole—or not. The decision profoundly affects how one lives life. Those who accept it, “FEEL” the Truth of it as a result of being in contact with the Spiritual Elements stamped on ones Soul prior to birth and acting like a “radar” Trademark which seeks what is like-kind. What indicates an awakening to Ari is an awareness to this “something in the past” + flashes of memory + a sense of a former acquaintance with the subject. Any other form of acceptance carries Doubt with it. For me, I accept what is closest to being proven by Circumstantial Truth; by what makes sense; by the track record of the source; by seeing ingredients manifested that are part of the “Big Picture”; and by rejecting any ones Beliefs or Opinions as to what goes on in the Unseen. And it does not matter how many agree with them. Ari is one of the most ancient of all the concepts related to “How Shall I Live!”

Initially, Ari was accepted universally but subsequently has been diluted and polluted–and even non-accepted by Europeans. Those who do not accept Ari are free to do whatever they can get away with in life—and that is almost always of an Indifference/Hate/Evil/Sadism (IHES) complex nature. Their idea is that “when you’re dead you’re dead” and so, while alive, acquire all of the Adult Toys (money, power, status, fame, sex, control) that make one a “little god.” One reason is that IHES actions–its associated conflicts and confusions—and its Fetters (e.g. extreme selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, frustration, arrogance, pride, lust) are “Exciting.” In addition, those who say they are superior to other people, see themselves as Symbols and Icon Images of being “little gods”. Such is made-up so as to try to create an impression on fellow cult members of their ever-lasting greatness, hopefully living after their death. A goal is to do whatever has “survival value” and whatever impresses people that they survived in an elegant manner. All of this drive for living to dominate and control people’s minds is to be remembered as so fearsome and aggressive in Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate deeds as to be put in the Brute Hall of Infamy.

HUMANS’ LIFE LIVING CYCLE: The key of Ari is whether one is operating inside or outside the Spiritual Elements as a way of life. Very Ancient Africans laid out the “big picture” of a Human’s Life Cycle by saying the Circle of Cosmic Existence started with God creating “pure-hearted” human beings. Next, since the inner nature of God is Unconditional Love and since this is what constitutes the Image and Spark of each human, God allowed humans to be free in the material world by means of the exercise of Free Will. Then, once that human lived according to Ma’at principles of Unconditional Love, he/she could ascend into a god-like plane of existence located in the sky’s dome. Such is within a human’s control since, said Ancient Africans, the human is not simply a mind and body which will someday cease to exist, as many Europeans believe. Instead, ones mind and body are temporal emanations or expressions of ones Eternal Soul—and to know this is to be Enlightened. Yet, until a human lives within the Spiritual Elements and evolves out of them, Reincarnations (Metempsychosis; Re-embodiment) are needed until Human Perfection occurs. Examples were African Sages. Since the natural progression of all real things is that of the Primal Circle, the Soul of each human being progresses from its God source through several lives as it eventually circles back to its Divine Creator. The Circle is completed once one has lived perfectly and “Naturally”. This means Ma’at Principles flow out of ones Selfhood without thought or effort so that there are “ME/WE” benefits. One is not “Natural” when one has to “try” or often “forgets.”