The Supernatural is a make-believe world where there is nothing impossible in its existence. Here, objects move faster than light–powerless “Things” fly–creatures become invisible–humans walk on water–and animals talk. To varied large groups of people the existence of the Supernatural seems decidedly probable, if not real. Regardless of their Supernatural religion, they are very devoted to it and ‘honorably’ live by its dictates, while declaring all others to be absolutely wrong. The prefix “Super” originally meant ‘balance left over’ and “Superior” (C14, higher). But exploding in C19 its varied usages embraced above, beyond, over–superstructure; to extreme degrees–superabundance; extra large–super-continent; having greater influence of a higher kind/capacity–superpower, superbike–super-family. Yet, Primitive Africans, 155,000 years before Europeans’ Earth appearance, fashioned from the mysterious world they experienced daily, concepts about
the Supernatural–“weird” concepts for birth and death; for earthly problems, like rain, tornadoes, lightening, natural disasters (e.g. floods, earthquakes); and  for eclipses. Lacking understanding of Nature and natural “cause and effects” phenomena, they assumed these and similar problems were caused by a variety of good and bad spirits in the Un-Seen World they created. Elaboration on these concepts were done by Magical Thinking–thoughts about unrealistic things bringing about changes in reality–magical things happening by one affecting the other–an Imitative principle. So, they viewed the universe in two parts–the Material World (consisting of things they could see and touch) and the Supernatural World (things believed to be present but could not be seen or touched). Both were deemed normal worlds.
Supernatural contents span the Occult–e.g. evil powers seeking to destroy anything having potential for good at one extreme all the way over to the opposite end to conveying Contingent Beings (phantoms), able to “touch” humans’ “Hearts” so as to stir into action the Ultimate Truth lying dormant within them. Gradually–based upon brilliant astro-mathematical studies–Africans evolved into realizing there is a Cosmic Creator. The conclusion was reached that God is unknowable but God could be known by God’s manifestations–i.e. the Spiritual Elements–Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Based upon derived Circumstantial Evidence and Inferences, Ancient African Sages said with Certainty that: Nature is the God Substance the Cosmic Spirit impregnates into the essence of God’s creatures and creations. They deemed Nature to be the home of God’s Laws; the source of humans’ wisdom–and that Nature and humans are an indivisible unity, like two
sides of a coin. Certainty about the Spiritual Elements came from the Subjective Sciences proving this on all planes of existence. Yet, the Supernatural Realm remained intimately connected with the Spiritual, if for no other reason than it being essential to enable the people to understand the African Sages’ complex concepts involved in the Spiritual Realm. To the people, it was the job of African Groits (story-tellers) to convey principles for living, using Supernatural Figurative Language.
Recently, Supernatural belief origin samples of European authorities’ comments about their primitive ancestors include: “the savage ascribes the mysteries of life and power to a supernatural source”; another elaborated on the pervasiveness of pre-logical factors in primitive mentality; and a third “found evidence in early forms of religion of a response to ‘the wholly other.'” This meant there was an Interlocking Ring type connection between African and European Supernatural. A similarity within the interlock occurred with the “Black Magic” aspects. Still, although both possessed Supernatural contents spanning the Occult–e.g. evil powers seeking to destroy anything having the potential for good on one end of the scale and the conveying of Contingent Beings (phantoms) on the other end–the focus and nature of them differed drastically. Africans did “super” thinking Inside their Supernatural, as in the interlocking portion of the real/unreal to convey
Figures of Communication (e.g. Metaphors). These served as alternative routes to the Truth, able to “touch” humans’ “Hearts” so as to stir into action the Ultimate Truth lying dormant within them. Yet, they did not live out of the Supernatural. By contrast, Europeans did “super” thinking Outside their Supernatural and then lived primarily out of their imaginative creations so as to control people’s minds.