Religion is a European invention situated within the Supernatural. The American Heritage College Dictionary defines “Religion” as: “a Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.” It defines “god” as “a being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, esp. a male deity.” It defines “Supernatural” as “Of or relating to existence outside the natural world; Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.” The Encyclopedia of [European] Philosophy (2-520) defines “super-“ or “supranatural” as “the miracle, the revealed truths of religion. For the enlightened, all these are simply figments of the imagination, nonexistent, indeed at the bottom, priestly inventions designed to keep men ignorant of the ways of Reason and Nature.” To paraphrase, it continued by saying the corruptions of religion, social structure, convention, and beneath the often misleading impressions of sense experience, not properly organized by Reason, has led to hypostatized conceptions of the beautiful and the good. “Hypostatize” means to transform a conceptual entity—a Contingent Being—a phantom—into or construe as a self-subsistent substance. This means the Supernatural is not to be questioned for it is unconquerable, unmovable, undeniable, unexplainable, incomparible, unimaginable, immeasurable, and unthinkable. By contrast, African Spiritual Literature says the Spiritual God is Unknowable but can be Known by the manifestation of the Cosmic Force, Sekhem.

Ancient Africans referred to Sekhem as of a scope larger than can be conceived by any human—a Being linking all life into Cause and Effect. Spirituality, they said, is ones own means of discovery of practices for achieving and living inside the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Humans’ work of Spirituality is the subjection of their minds to the Divine Spirit so it can command the Life-Force in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Neters and Sages are people in such Spiritual Harmony. Hence, rather than building Life Living on a single individual, as do Europeans, Africans built it on Natural Laws—i.e. founding it on the Spiritual Elements. A guide to ones behaviors is to compare it with the Unconditional Love exhibited in Nature’s Laws so as to see if it has Correspondence. “You can know you have spontaneous Unconditional Love,” said Ancient African Sages, “when you can feel yourself related to another, to Nature, and to the Universe in the same complete and natural way as the child to the mother. Then you are aware of being in complete harmony with the Unconditional Love inside humanity and in tune with the natural rhythms of the Universe” (Bailey, Common Sense p123). Each African was responsible for developing the forces of life within her/his Divine body for the purpose of living eternally. Still, in the Ancient African Bible there are millennia established philosophical principles that are Mathematically based upon vibrating Cosmic Laws. Ancient African Cosmic Laws refer to the foundation of all Cosmic manifestations and denote a sequence of inherently related events that occur with unvarying uniformity under the same conditions—called Correspondence.

Resultant Philosophical Principles inferred from these Laws embrace a “Sameness” for Right Life Living, no matter how customized are ones other choices and regardless of their uniqueness compared to other people’s ways. This, calledMa’at Principles of ‘Sameness” of Spiritual Elements manifestations, is what one must stay within to derive the Knowledge for use in constructing ones mind to reflect the Divine attributes of ones birth gift of Selfhood Greatness and Genius. When done properly,ones Spirituality is internalized, as demonstrated when one breathes the essence of God in each thought, emotion, choice, decision, and act of ones daily life. Knowledge, said African Sages, gives one powers to live within the flow of the Spiritual Elements. Out of this flow, one discovers practices for achieving and living inside Ma’at Principles in ones own customized style. If ones style has similarity with other like-kind people, this is the idea of “ME/WE” being yoked to the Cosmic Spiritual Force. Such Unity among Diversity also occurs in Ancient Africans rites and rituals based upon Ancient Spiritual Literature (Bible) Principles. These are a sort of “Religious” practice serving as symbols to signify staying with or re-yoking to the Cosmic Creator as a way of life. Yet, in no Afrikan language can there be found a word meaning “Religion.” This African Spirituality is considered by some to equate to European religion but, in fact, they are opposites.African Spirituality supplies Knowledge for one to “KNOW” on ones own how to reach the Heaven Afterlife. European Religions hide essence Information so as to necessitate their “Troops” have “BELIEF/FAITH” in what they are told. Religious “Belief/Faith” are also European inventions. By contrast, “Belief/Faith” are unknown in African Tradition because Africans “Knew” with absolute Certainty that Sekhem exists. That existence is observable in all manifested Cosmic Creatures and Creations. Examples are the beauties and wonders of Nature.  History shows that by “Troops” following European religious mind controlled orders has consistenly led to the most despicable crimes in the history of Humankind—and that is ongoing in full force in the present day. By Europeans’ religion brainwashing of Victims and beating them down so terribly as to turn their minds “Inside-Out” ensures they will remain Victims inside every type of poverty.

Joseph A. Bailey II, MD, FACS


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