The design and order of the Cosmos are part of each human. In African Tradition’s Creation of the Cosmos, the Amenta as well as the Nun (the Void, Nothingness) contain in its upper region the Cosmic Mind of God and the body of God. Springing from the Cosmic Mind as the Substance of God are the Spiritual Waters called the Ocean of Nun (Nu or Subjective or Body of God or Cosmic Hub or Tao by the Chinese) and its intelligence.  In Chinese Heluo tradition, the Creator God and the “Cosmic Organism” are the same.  Though in the Nun there resides only potential possibilities, whatever is its Spiritual Elements form anywhere in the Cosmos contains an inherent intelligence reflecting God’s Mind and expressed as vibrations, called Instincts or “Feelings” (to vibrate). The “Big Picture” of what is formed is “biological laws” having to do with the manifestations of “Life” and “living matter” in the Cosmic Organism. It and its offspring possess Instincts which fashion an identical Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability. This is made possible because of the consistent patterns underlying natural events. That these have correspondence within each entity is shown by them being  replicated in each human and even as the nucleus of a cell of that human. Determining its ways of functioning is an indwelling intelligence which manipulates the “Genetics” of the Organism and its offspring.
To elaborate using modern terms, Genes, the primary units of inheritance in all organisms, are units of heredity which correspond to a region of DNA on a chromosome that influences the form or function of an organism in specific ways. For example, the Cosmic intelligence at the center of each human’s cells has DNA programmed into it all of the infinite possible functions of life (similar to the Ocean of Nun). This fact allows for specialized duties (Uniqueness) within the world of cells of a given human. The Tree Concept analogizes an Organism. The Tree’s Super-Structure is the “See-able” Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit. Its Inter-Structure includes the activities of the various specialized cells, each interrelated organically and inter-connected functionally with others to maintain the Tree and produce the sap running throughout the Tree. Its Infra-structure (Unseen) is its Seed. According to African Sages, since God’s Cosmic Intelligence is the totality of the interrelated large and small patterns present within the Cosmic Organism, a Tree has intelligence. This applies whether it, or any God-Made metaphysical or physical thing, is in its Spiritual Element “Glob” (i.e. potential possibilities) state, is evolving, or is a differentiated thing. Metaphorically, a Cosmic Organism is a living body composed of a group of systematized organs functioning independently in order to interdependently generate work products coordinated into a whole (e.g. the human body).
This means its Energy is a product of the Cosmic Mind; its Matter is a product of Energy; and its organs are specialized for certain functions, featuring a division of labor while maintaining interdependence for the necessities of its life. Ancient Africans’ concept of an anatomical organ was a structure of the human body composed of cells that works or functions as a unit with other organs for the specific and single purpose of producing health (i.e. wholism). Put another way, humans are biological creatures subject to biological laws in the foreground and whose background setting is based upon environmental physical laws, each with an intelligence. This combination produces psychological laws which interact under varying conditions of “society” in a manner that its social laws produce names for things, rules, values, morals (right/wrong), ethics (proper/improper), meanings, and so forth. This enables Critical Thinking (CT) to infer the existence of what things are, what they do, and how they appear under normal circumstances. By that awareness CT is able to recognize new or unfamiliar arrangements, combinations, and forms of what is “normal.” Their significance can be assessed by the experiences of ones own or of a group’s doings, of testimony, and/or of observation. From this, CT becomes aware of there being the repetition of only a few principles in the Cosmos for establishing correspondence. In short, to thoroughly know something on one plane of existence is to be able to infer an unknown on another plane. That is why Ancient Africans Sages said: to “Know Thyself” is to know the Cosmos and God.
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