Yearly, I poke fun at the foolishness of Columbus Day—starring Christopher Columbus (1446?-1506)–a man of Christian faith–a colossal liar—the one that sailed in the wrong direction and “Discovered America” where 18 million Brown and Black People were settled and for eons. As background, the Middle Ages’ end of feudalism as it transitioned into the Renaissance featured European hypocrisy. Though Church ideology said all believers were equal in the sight of God, warring Europeans, now wed to the GUN from their 150 year development of its Arab invention in 1304, were dedicated to shedding the “inferiority” label given them by all other cultures. Their bubbling-over brute passions to Kill/Take/Destroy/Dominate in a greedy frenzy for acquiring gold from the peaceful, rich, and highly cultured Colored Peoples of the world compulsively led them into repetitious penetration, conquest, occupation, and colonization. Victims were left devastated. These savage people de-civilized vast areas of the world—killing, some say, 150 million Colored Peoples—and being thus rewarded with titles, estates, and Slaves for their conquest, plunder, and self-aggrandizement. Justifications to the Church for sadistically destroying all Colored Peoples cultures were ascribed to their Christian ‘civilizing mission’. By adopting the Manicheistic philosophy in which all colonizers, no matter how atrocious their deeds, were portrayed as ‘culture-bringers and divine instruments of a Christian God’ gave them permission to enslave people, consider them faceless chattel, turn them into commodities for profit-making, and work them to death so as to make happen their obsession for empire-building. By self-declaring to be “superior,” they made it legal for White males, and their sexism attitudes of overflowing chauvinism, to have life and death powers over their wives. They treated all women and children as livestock, in the sense of a rider to a horse (i.e. as ‘inferior’ sub-humans). In a fine and courageous article, Jan Carew (Race & Class, 1988) noted Columbus landed in the New World on 10/12/1492 at Guanahani. After renaming it San Salvador, he and his crew immediately enslaved the ‘inoffensive Arawaks’–those welcoming that crew with great hospitality + feeding + housing them after the Santa Maria had run afoul of the shoals. Then the invaders built a fort at La Navidad while tormenting the Lucagus Indians—taking their gold, raping the wives and daughters, and causing bloody quarrels among the people. Meanwhile, Columbus wrote to Spanish rulers about how friendly everything was going—finding pious rational for all his hideous acts. The Caribs—for whom Caribbean Islands are named—were the first freedom fighters. They believed it was nobler to die fighting than to be enslaved. Columbus initiated the Atlantic slave trade by taking 500 Arawaks to Spain to exchange for livestock—claiming he was saving them from the Caribs. He had tricked the Carib leader by inviting him to come along to work out a truce and then enslaved him. But the leader committed suicide on board ship. Then, Bishop Las Casas, the “Apostle to the Indians,” recommended enslaving Africans instead of Indians—and that so delighted European bankers, landowners, merchants, and colonial proconsuls as to start the African slave trade. In 1503, Queen Isabella decreed the first ecclesiastical license for ethnocide, slavery, and racism. From 1492 to 1504, Europeans killed 3 million Indians in San Salvador, leaving 300; 600,000 in Puerto Rico and Jamaica—with 200 remaining 50 years later; and the same in Cuba and other islands—all replaced with Enslaved Africans. Supernatural reasons for killings were: (1) rudeness against the (?) more refined Spaniards; (2) gravity of the Indians’ sins against Nature and idolatries; (3) to spread the Christian faith by requiring subjugation; and (4) to protect the weak among the natives. It was a game to see who could completely cleave an Indian with one blow of the sword or to pull babies legs apart–and give the parts to the hounds, each hound having killed or maimed 500 Indians. Babies snatched from mothers’ arms were dashed against rocks or drowned in front of mothers. Natives were hung on gibbets (a cross)—13 in a row to piously commemorate Christ and the 12 Apostles. Slavery lasted only as long as it was profitable. These were/are patterned European overt, tempered, or masked practices in the New World and Africa. Yet, Europeans avoid and ignore this history of their inhumanity—and without having changed their mindsets.